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Who knew OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino was such a prima donna? I can’t decide whether to laugh or cry at his latest hissy fit in the form of an e-mail to Haldimand Mayor Marie Trainer. Couching the OPP’s failure to live up to its obligations in a tirade against Gary McHale and a threat to the Haldimand council is both immature and reckless.

The injustices in Caledonia need to be kept in the public eye and pressure needs to be continually placed on elected officials. If it takes a Gary McHale to maintain the attention of governments, the media and now the OPP, then so be it.

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Plans are back on track to build a new bridge over the Grand River by 2010, linking Kitchener to Cambridge. The proposed bridge is moving forward again now that regional officials have consulted with rival aboriginal councils that both claim to speak for the Six Nations people.

Six Nations aboriginals claim they never let go of the bed and banks of the Grand River, after they were granted lands along the river in 1784. Their claim to the river has not been accepted by senior governments.

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The Ministry of Natural Resources is concerned about waste material found at the quarry occupied by Mohawk protestors, but refuses to visit the site as long as they occupy it. When protesters took over the quarry, they say they found materials such as burned batteries and oil filters, as well as what appears to be highway asphalt, located below the level of an aquifer.

“We’d like to get our staff out there to inspect it, but it’s a bit of a safety issue for them,” said Anne Marie Flanagan, spokeswoman for Natural Resources Minister David Ramsay.

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My Name is Bob Stenhouse and I was dismissed from the RCMP in 2002 for being a whistleblower, and then re-instated in 2004 due to the abuse of process on my disciplinary case. While I do not know of your politics or position, I did want you to be aware of how Mr Fantino’s apparent inappropriate abuse of power seems to be a part of his personal make-up, which I am deeply concerned may border on the psychological make-up of what experts in the field would call a “chronic bully”…

Personal frustration is never a legitimate excuse for abusing one’s power.

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