OPP riles occupiers and Mohawk police

Posted: April 29, 2007 in Deseronto, Headlines, Natives, OPP

The occupation of the Thurlow Aggregate quarry near Deseronto, by members of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte, continued peacefully and without any major incidents this week. While cooler heads have so far prevailed, there is no guarantee that the situation will remain calm.

The Pioneer was present at the quarry when two OPP personnel, members of the Major Event Liaison Team, showed up at the site uninvited. The Tyendinaga police have asked the OPP repeatedly to stay away from the quarry. Sergeant Steve Flynn, one of the two OPP personnel, said that they were just stopping by to say hello to their fellow officers. “We’re building bridges, not tearing them down. I hope Larry (Hay) feels the same way,” he said.

Unfortunately for Sergeant Flynn, Police Chief Larry Hay did not agree. The OPP have not been of any assistance to the Tyendinaga police, even refusing them a porta-potty for the Mohawk police officers at the site. ” if its not OPP pee, forget it,” said Hay.

Read the full story here

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