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” My Goal is to expose that the government doesn’t listen to the will of the people ”

With that statement begins a very interesting look at who Gary McHale is, and why he has brought this group of people together. This story was published by the Hamilton Spectator on January 20th, 2007, and although it’s a bit outdated, I think it’s an excellent read for anyone who wants to know more about Gary McHale and the goal he leads people like myself toward accomplishing. A sample of the article:

Q: You’ve had some interest in other issues before Caledonia, including former Liberal David Emerson crossing the floor. You’ve written letters to the editor about federal politics and the same-sex marriage bill. What’s the connection between Caledonia and those other political issues?

A:  The absolute failure of leadership. We’re all leaders at some point. You’re a leader in your home, you’re a leader of kids, women are leaders at times … Our concept of (leadership) now is totally wussy. No one will take a stand on anything anymore. Nothing is based on principles, it’s about how do I skirt this, how do I pass the buck …  In Caledonia, there’s an absolute failure of leadership. If there was proper leadership, I wouldn’t be involved …

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