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This courtesy of as sent to them by a very concerned resident of Caledonia.

Caledonians:  please oppose the secret meetings with Commissioner Fantino, as occurred today, May 1.  Send your e-mails of opposition to the following people:

Mayor – Marie Trainer

Ward 1 – Leroy Bartlett

Ward 2 – Buck Sloat

Ward 3 – Craig Grice

Ward 4- Tony Dalimonto

Ward 5 – Don Ricker

Ward 6 – Lorne Boyko

Dear Mayor and Councillors:

The issue of “secret meetings” behind closed doors under the guise of “in camera” is wearing thin, especially when the non-council guests include those very same officials that are directly responsible for the disarray and division throughout the Community.  Council must appreciate the fact that “accountability” includes “transparency”.  “In camera” sessions with Commissioner Fantino are not transparent. 

Secret meetings are just that:  secret.  It’s been made abundantly clear to Caledonians that certain individuals have come under attack in these secret meetings and that more individuals will come under attack in any future secret meetings.  This is not acceptable.

I am very concerned that Commissioner Fantino is given the luxury of “secret and private meetings” with Council, in view of the fact that he’s ridiculed residents, he’s threatened Council, he’s made slanted comments towards certain Councillors and he continues to deny that the Ontario Provincial Police are not responsible for protecting certain individuals from being attacked, in plain daylight, under their very eyes, just a few feet from where they stood!  How ridiculous is that?

In general I appreciate that Council must periodically meet behind closed doors for their own reasons, this is to be expected from any “well run” organization.  However, when it comes to the O.P.P., this is a public issue that affects every person living in Haldimand County, not just those people living adjacent to the Douglas Creek Estates

I take this opportunity to express my opposition to “secretIVE IN CAMERA” meetings with Commissioner Fantino and with other Ontario Provincial Police authorities. 

It is vital that Council end this practice of secrecy with individuals.  Members of this community have earned the right to know of impending visits to Council from individuals such as Commissioner Fantino and the Council Chamber doors should be left open for interested parties to “hear first hand” and to possibly agree or disagree with events that transpire.  Sincerely, 

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