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Commissioner Fantino and members of Council met to discuss policing throughout the County, including efforts to keep the peace and uphold law and order in Caledonia and surrounding area and to discourage people from coming into the community intent on provoking and creating conflict. Mayor Trainer, council members and the Commissioner agreed to continue working in the best interests of all County residents.

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2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgAnyone who knows me or has read VoiceofCanada for longer than five minutes knows that I hate typographical errors and bad grammar. I’m no English teacher, but I do agonize over every word, period and comma, trying to get it right. Apparently, I’m not the only one.  The editor of the Square Pegs blog just put up a post commenting on the ‘FANTINO YOUR FIRED’ sign that was on display at Queen’s Park in connection with yesterday’s Caledonia Convoy.

Gary McHale sent me a link to the post and, after filling Square Pegs in on the background of the badly mis-spelt sign, I realized that I just had to post it…

gary-craig-mark.JPGthings-to-come.JPGThe sign was originally used at a March for Freedom event back in March to protest Fantino’s bogus complaint against a Hamilton Police officer who was himself a victim of native violence in Caledonia and …..

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Yesterday, Caledonia finally got the message that Gary McHale has been trying to send them for so many months now: reach out, grab the media by the collar and give them a story to tell. And they did! As we drove at 60km/h in the passing lane of the QEW all the way to Toronto I saw TV vans getting ahead of us and quickly pulling over just so they could get shots of our convoy as it passed. There were more cameras at the overpasses we went under. There were helicopters in the air, and one TV outlet reported a total of 83 cars in the convoy. It was very exciting and all I can say is, ya shoulda been there!

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The main spokesman (edit: LEADER)  for a group of aboriginal protesters who blocked a main Ontario rail corridor in April said he planned to give himself up to police Thursday morning.

Ontario provincial police issued a warrant for the arrest of Shawn Brant after his group blocked a rail line used by Via Rail west of Kingston, Ont., on April 20, cutting off rail service between Toronto and Ottawa as well as between Toronto and Montreal for about 30 hours. Brant said his arrest would not stop the group’s ongoing protest

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McGuinty no longer in charge

Posted: May 3, 2007 in Headlines

If you or I blocked a rail line with a school bus, do you think the police would react? Why didn’t they react in Deseronto? It looks like McGuinty is no longer in control of this province. Why is the mayor increasing our taxes while putting money in reserves? And where is he getting the money for the conservation authority? Why doesn’t he use the money to lower our taxes instead of “saving for a rainy day?” Isn’t $20 million enough?

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With four strokes of a pen on a Chippewa reserve, Ontario police officer Ron Heinemann set in motion the disbandment of an elite crime-fighting unit. Was he a villain, or the scapegoat for a corrupted police culture?

It was 4:35 a.m. on January 12, 2004, four below zero, with blowing snow and treacherous roads, when the twelve members of the Ontario Provincial Police’s Barrie Tactical and Rescue Unit (tru) set off in two unmarked Suburbans, two gun trucks, a bomb truck, and an unmarked van. It took six hours to get from Barrie to the Chippewa of the Thames reserve. Ron Heinemann positioned himself over the axle in the bomb truck’s windowless cube van, cleaned his weapons, put on his hostage rescue kit, and prepared charges for explosive forced entries.

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Full coverage of the Caledonia Convoy to Queens Park on May 2nd 2007 including Video, and all other media coverage online now!

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If Dalton McGuinty was a true leader, he would get rid of OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino as soon as possible. Unfortunately he isn’t and Fantino won’t go anywhere until he is ready to move on as he always has done in the past. Dalton only acts in the best interests of Dalton and getting rid of the province’s top cop that he appointed only nine months ago is not a move that McGuinty would ever consider.

After natives blocked the main Toronto-Montreal CN line, the police failed to clear the line despite a court-ordered injunction obtained by CN. Fantino then turned his short fuse on the federal government. He blamed the feds for putting all this pressure on his officers.

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Caledonia is in its fourteenth month. Tensions have been so heated that demonstrators and residents have thrown rocks and golf balls at each other. The federal government ruled years ago that the native land claim is not valid.

Deseronto is in its second month. Aside from some venting by local residents, no one seems to be on the verge of throwing golf balls. There is a quarry involved, not a subdivision, and the Mohawks’ land claim was ruled valid in 2003.

But lately, a new cord has emerged tying these situations together: both are getting very expensive.

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Kudos to all out there who get involved! Kudos to those that publicly voice their opinions, and their concerns! Kudos to those who stay the course! Kudos to those that believe we can make a difference!  Most people don’t get involved, but they will support “You”. It is not that they don’t want to be involved, it is because it is risky business to be publicly verbal. I know this for a fact!

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Some folks reportedly compare Mohawk dissident Shawn Brant to Mohandas Gandhi, whose tactics of peaceful resistance helped propel India to independence 60 years ago.

But there is nothing “peaceful” about taking over a quarry that someone else has been operating. There is nothing peaceful about shutting down a railway line, forcing thousands to find other modes of transport. There’s nothing peaceful about threatening more disruption – perhaps to provincial highways, infrastructure or a nearby town. Gandhi-like, this behaviour ain’t.

The news media frequently misuse the term “peaceful” to describe the sort of protest Brant’s gang has choreographed, thinking that because no blood has actually been shed, nor blows exchanged, that no violence is occurring. That’s fuzzy thinking: the threat of violence is implicit in any blockade or forced business takeover.

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As someone who was bullied as a child, I know how to spot one a mile away as an adult. In recent months it’s become very clear to me that Julian Fantino is a Bully, and now I have the evidence to prove it. Before we take a stroll down Fantino Lane, let’s look at the dictionary definition of “Bully” to be clear how it may pertain to the current commissioner of the OPP.

For the term bullying, the following criteria must be met:

1. the behavior is aggressive and negative;

2. the behavior is carried out repeatedly;

3. the behavior occurs in a relationship where there is an imbalance of power between the parties involved

4. the behavior is purposeful.