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When would you ask for Help? I can give you a few examples of when I personally would ask for help. I am a welder, but if my welder breaks down, I would ask a person who repairs welders to fix it. If my car’s transmission were to die, I would ask a mechanic to fix it.

I like to think in simple terms, so I have come up with an unusual idea. What if Haldimand County Council was to ask us for our help?

Gary McHale, Merlyn Kinrade of Caledonia and Mark Vandermaas  asked to appear as a delegation to speak to Council about OPP activities in Caledonia. They were denied by Council based upon Section 7.35 of the procedural by-law as in the opinion of Council the subject of the presentation is “Beyond the jurisdiction of the County”…

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Did anyone else catch what Haldimand mayor Marie Trainer had to say about the native violating the No-Go zone in Caledonia?

TRAINER: … A native twice jumped over the fence beside the schoolyard. They built a huge fence so the children didn’t have to look at the site and then a native goes and jumps over and 200 children watched this happen, and this just can’t happen.

HEB: Do you know what happened to this person?

TRAINER: Well, no, they are not sure who it is, they..

HEB: They are not sure? Or they are not saying….

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There is no longer a formal police presence stationed at the Thurlow Aggregates on Deseronto Road. Although Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory officers had been staffing the site of a Mohawk demonstration at a rate of two per shift since the occupation began March 22, they haven’t been there for “a couple of weeks,” said Jason Maracle, one of the activists on the site.

OPP Sgt. Kristine Rae also confirmed there “is no police presence directly at the quarry.”

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Finally, Caledonia stood up to the government and told them what they needed to hear, which is “We want equality, not injustice.” During the speeches former Solicitor General Bob Runciman almost stole the show when he said, “I don’t believe in negotiating with criminals.”

After the speeches, more Caledonian residents filed complaints against lame duck OPP Commish Julian Fantino, and again made a call for his dismissal. Monte Kwinter was there, but where oh where was Dalton McChicken? I can only assume frying in a restaurant somewhere, cause he sure wasn’t at the rally to address his consituents.

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Ontario Opposition Leader John Tory slammed Premier Dalton McGuinty for inaction on Six Nations land claims at Caledonia and promised a more active approach if his Progressive Conservative party wins the October election.

“Simply standing by and allowing land occupations and railway blockades that defy court injunctions just cannot be an option,” Tory told delegates to the annual convention of the Ontario Association of Police Services Boards Friday in Owen Sound. “The premier of Ontario must be prepared to vigorously pursue new tools and new measures to ensure all parties comply with the rule of law,” he said.

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Environmentalists, union members, First Nations protesters or anyone who engages in illegal blockades and occupations should be taken to court and sued to recover the costs of their actions, Ontario Opposition Leader John Tory said today. 

Tory said organizers should be forced to bear the costs of protests like the lengthy Six Nations occupation in Caledonia, last month’s rail blockade by Bay of Quinte Mohawks in Deseronto or Thursday’s occupation of a Hamilton factory by frustrated workers.

If the Conservatives win the Oct. 10 provincial election, Tory said he would “aggressively pursue civil remedies” against people who lead protests that cross the line between free speech and disregard for public safety and the rule of law.

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Brant out on bail

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The spokesman in  (Edit: Leader of) a Mohawk protest at a Deseronto quarry is out on bail on the condition he not participate in any unlawful protests. Shawn Brant has been ordered to keep the peace and not participate in any protests that block roads, railways or other thoroughfares on or off Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. He will appear in court again June 26.

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The spokesman in (Edit: LEADER OF) a Mohawk protest at a Deseronto quarry has been arrested.

Shawn Brant turned himself in to Napanee OPP this morning accompanied by lawyer Peter Rosenthal. Brant was arrested for mischief, disobeying a court order and breach of recognizance in connection with a 30-hour blockade of a CN rail line April 20. The warrant was issued April 25.  “I find it astonishing that the OPP would proceed with these charges,” said Rosenthal.

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Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino came out swinging in defence of the force’s handling of the standoff in Caledonia on Thursday, saying “there is no two-tier justice system in the OPP.”

“I make no apologies for what I do or what I say,”  Fantino said during a question and answer session following his speech at an Ontario Association of Police Services Boards convention in Owen Sound.

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The Ontario government will look at bringing in a mediator to help end a 15-month aboriginal occupation after meeting with a group of frustrated non-aboriginal residents living with the dispute who spearheaded a slow convoy to the legislature Wednesday. 

The government will propose bringing a mediator to the talks and will consider whether further compensation is needed for town residents and businesses, Ramsay said. But he said the province can’t set a deadline for the occupation to end. In Ottawa, Indian Affairs Minister Jim Prentice wouldn’t take questions from reporters and would only say that negotiations were ongoing.

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A group of angry county residents is mobilizing to kill the proposed Brant/Brantford land transfer deal. The residents say the plan to transfer 6,000 acres of county land to Brantford makes no sense, and their concerns are not being heard by either the county or the city. “This deal doesn’t have to happen. If there is a public outcry the province won’t pass it,” local planner Catherine Cooper told a group of about 30 people who gathered for an organizational meeting Monday night.

The threat of rising taxes seemed to be one of the chief concerns at the meeting Monday night, but even that was superseded by a sense of confusion.

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Mayor Ron Eddy is upset about action taken by OPP Police Commissioner Julian Fantino over public criticism of the OPP’s role in the Caledonia land dispute.”I’m extremely concerned about the actions of Mr. Fantino and his reactions-threatening to say the (Norfolk) contract not be renewed,” he told members of the Police Services Board Wednesday. 

“As head of the municipality I have a concern. It’s a legal contract between two legal entities. I’m disturbed at that reaction to the municipality,”

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I’ve written about or referred to this day of Terrorism planned for June 29th by Natives enough that I’d like to share some excerpts of the official announcement about it by the Mohawk News Network. A legitimate Native publication.

A Call to Block Railway Lines Across Canada:

Grand Chief Chris Henderson
Southern Chiefs Organization
225-530 Century Street
Winnipeg, MB
R3H 0Y4

March 31st 2007

Dear Grand Chief

Re: Emergency Treaty 1-11 Gathering, April 10th

The National Day of Protest set for June 29th 2007 was passed by resolution of the Chiefs at the December 2006 Assembly of First Nations Ottawa summit. AFN represents over 600 First Nations in Canada.

Canadian National Railway tried to get injunctive relief from the courts last year and testified that they stand to lose at least 27 million dollars a day in revenue from a 24 hour railway blockade. That estimate from CN is only for a Manitoba blockade and is only the losses to CN, it does not include the losses to CP or the companies that both rail companies transport goods and services for.

A national day of protest that includes (note: this clearly indicates they plan to attack more than rail lines) shutting down railway lines across Canada even for one day is an economic disaster of huge consequences for all Canadians.

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I would encourage anyone reading this to give serious thought to what it means when a Terrorist attack such as this can be announced to the public months before it will happen, and our Government will do nothing to stop it.