The offical announcement of a Day of Terrorism June 29th

Posted: May 6, 2007 in Caledonia, DCE, Deseronto, Headlines, Natives, OPP, Terrorism, Top Posts

I’ve written about or referred to this day of Terrorism planned for June 29th by Natives enough that I’d like to share some excerpts of the official announcement about it by the Mohawk News Network. A legitimate Native publication.

A Call to Block Railway Lines Across Canada:

Grand Chief Chris Henderson
Southern Chiefs Organization
225-530 Century Street
Winnipeg, MB
R3H 0Y4

March 31st 2007

Dear Grand Chief

Re: Emergency Treaty 1-11 Gathering, April 10th

The National Day of Protest set for June 29th 2007 was passed by resolution of the Chiefs at the December 2006 Assembly of First Nations Ottawa summit. AFN represents over 600 First Nations in Canada.

Canadian National Railway tried to get injunctive relief from the courts last year and testified that they stand to lose at least 27 million dollars a day in revenue from a 24 hour railway blockade. That estimate from CN is only for a Manitoba blockade and is only the losses to CN, it does not include the losses to CP or the companies that both rail companies transport goods and services for.

A national day of protest that includes (note: this clearly indicates they plan to attack more than rail lines) shutting down railway lines across Canada even for one day is an economic disaster of huge consequences for all Canadians.

Read the full story here 

Much more can be found at

I would encourage anyone reading this to give serious thought to what it means when a Terrorist attack such as this can be announced to the public months before it will happen, and our Government will do nothing to stop it.

  1. John Newton says:

    The planned June 29th aboriginal terrorist attack will be welcomed by most people living in Caledonia. They will be happy that the rest of Canada will finally realize the hell they’ve been living in for more than a year. When major operations like CN & CP put pressure on incompetents like McGuinty and Fantino to confront these home grown terrorists, maybe something will finally be done. It is my opinion that every expense ever experienced as a result of aboriginal terrorism should be deducted from all native “welfare for life” cheques until the bill is paid in full.

  2. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    I agree with you, but I’m concerned that the pressure which will be applied to the Government by these major companies will simply be to give them anything they want to make them go away.

    CSIS & the RCMP have both declared the Mohawk Warriors to be Terrorists, but still nobody will do anything about them.

    I too hope that after this national Terrorist attack on June 29th, Canadians will see the truth about thse so called “peaceful aboriginal protestors”

    I don’t believe however that anything anyone does will ever get the spineless McGuinty to act. The latest news indicates that John Tory however is prepared to do the job properly. Only time will tell.

    Thanks for weiging in on this.

  3. Cathy Cronin says:

    Please allow these illegal protests to happen.
    They are the only thing that will allow average Canadians to witness the lawlessness that prevails at such happenings.
    The aboriginal people do have serious grievances that need addressing,but this is not the way to do it.
    By allowing the disruption of public services,and the lawlessness that goes along with it,more citizens will be less willing to allow such occurances.
    The Courts are the place for these greivances.
    And let’s hope that the Valid claims of land will be recognised,while the ones with no validity will be thrown out of Court,once and for all.
    You can’t claim 110% 0F 100.

  4. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Very well said Cathy.

    One problem I have noticed with the land claim process is that if the Court rules against the Natives, they can say they don’t recognize Canadian Courts as an authority. To the best of my knowledge this act is limited to the terrorist segment and is not the case with the actual representatives of First Nations, but it’s still a very interesting and serious problem.

    This notion that you can live in Canada, but say you’re not Canadian and the laws of this Country do not apply to you because of your race is very perplexing to me.

    I agree completely that if the land claim is valid, the land should be given to them. Douglas Creek Estates however was ruled to be an invalid land claim some time ago by Ottawa, yet McGuinty, Fantino, and the occupiers continue to say Ottawa needs to address the issue.

    I suspect June 29th will be a very interesting news day. The fallout on the 30th should be equally interesting (and very disturbing) to watch.

  5. james says:

    the courts are actually NOT the palce to sort the matter out because they belong to one of the two parties. its like trying to get a fair trial when the person who has wronged you is also the judge and jury. theyve been saying it all along at six nations, and its that in canada we need an INDEPENDENT claims commission to sort out the matter between first nations and canada. anything else is unfair. they have one in the USA and its been churning out rulings for a long time now and incidentally, they dont have a huge backlog of landclaims to deal with. as for deals with six nations in perticular, we have a responsibility to honour our promises to them, given that we are historcally, military allies. its pretty dishonourable to treat your military allies the way weve been treating them, thats for certain. and as for the rail blockade in desronto- there was not a shred of violence. some people were inconvenienced, thats all. do terrorists volutarily scale back their actions through democratic decision making in order to avoid violence? economic disruptions and inconveniences are a fact of disputes, like strikes, work stoppages, protests, pickets and other things. besides, its not terroristic to block off a rail line that runs through your own land! on june 29 first nations will be blocking rail lines that run through land that they own. or do you folks not believe they should be able to excercise control and sovereignty over their own property. thats the deal- we treat them fairly, or else we no longer get a free ride through their land. we have to decide wheter we want the former, or whether we want to treat them like shit and build new rail lines that dont run through reserves. seems like a fair demand and a fair consequence for us to have to pay if were unwilling to live up to our responsibilities, no?

  6. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Hi James,

    If this independent panel were set up to review and decide land claims in Canada, and they ruled against the Natives on let’s say.. Douglas Creek Estates, do you honestly believe that the Terrorists who seized it would simply leave? Or would they then claim the panel to be “racist” and proceed with their occupation?

    You are talking about legitimate land claims between Canada and First Nations. As I have said before, if there is land that in fact belongs to the Natives, then we should simply give it to them. I also agree that it’s taking too long for this process to get moving, but that I suggest can be largely attributed to time spent at the negotiating table talking about DCE which was already ruled to be invalid.

    I don’t believe that these attacks will be perpetrated by the general population of First Nations, but by a splinter cell of Terrorists who have deemed it their responsibility to raise as much hell as possible to intimidate Canada into simply giving them anything they want.

    Yes pickets and strikes do stop work. They do not however tend to do so with the threat of violence. If one of the rail lines were to decide to push through a blockade of their line, do you believe the reaction from the Terrorists would be to hold up picket signs? Or to react violently?

    The stated purpose of the attacks in June is very clear. To do as much damage to the economy of Canada as possible. To use fear and the threat of violence to force major companies to put pressure on the Government to simply give these groups what they want.

    This is Terrorism and can not be tolerated by any reasonable society. As a country we need to protect ourselves from threats such as this and at the moment we’re simply not doing it.

  7. John Purvis says:

    Canada has anti-terrorist legislation. Here is a group who has announced they plan to launch a terrorist attack. They should be arrested and be given the same civil liberties & rights as any other terrorist organisation. It amazes me that we tolerate such act from this group of people. No other cross section of Canadian society would receive the special treatment that this group has.

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