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Dear Parents:

 It is with regret that I inform you there was an incident with an occupier on the Douglas Creek Estates land that has caused some concern.  Last night at approximately 3:15pm, the occupier was seen observing the OPP stationed at Thistlemore with binoculars. He then reverted his attention to a Caledonia resident who he was verbally sparring with…

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Dear Mr. Premier 

On May 2, 2007 you joked about having to issue “blue helmets” to the OPP because of the growing pressure on the force to begin enforcing the law equally for natives and non-natives alike in connection with the Caledonia occupation of the Douglas Creek Estates:

Some days I feel like issuing the OPP blue helmets. They are peacekeepers caught up in a difficult, protracted dispute which predates Confederation.”

As former members of the Canadian Forces who have actually served in United Nations peacekeeping missions, we would like to explain the difference between ‘peacekeeping’ and ‘law enforcement’ to you and Commissioner Fantino:

Law Enforcement’ is a role performed by police officers in a functioning, vibrant, healthy, First World democracy in order to preserve the Rule of Law and protect law-abiding citizens from criminals irrespective of their race, religion, national origin or grievance. It requires that citizens respect both the law and the willingness of police officers to enforce it justly. 

Peacekeeping’ is a role performed mainly by soldiers trained to kill, and is used as a deterrent to prevent warring factions from killing one another and/or innocent civilians during civil war in failed states where the Rule of Law has broken down, or in the aftermath of international warfare to prevent further hostilities. 

 Your statement further implies that the Rule of Law and the rights of law-abiding citizens are to be suspended whenever or wherever natives utter the words, ‘land claim.’ Read the full story here

Ontario appoints new principal representative to Six Nations (Caledonia) negotiations.

The McGuinty government has appointed Murray Coolican as the new provincial principal representative to the Six Nations-Canada-Ontario negotiations.

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On May 7, 2007 the OPP demonstrated once again that they do nothing but lie to residents of Caledonia by once again refusing to uphold the 100ft No-Go Zone.  After each account of Natives violating this Zone, Insp. McLean has promised that NEXT time the Zone would be enforced. Just how many times does McLean believe we will fall for his B.S.? Just how many times will he repeat, “NEXT time it will be enforced”?

Today 05/07/07after Notre Dame School children were dismissed, at 3:15 pm, (police reports, deny the time, they indicate it was 3pm). A group of students and parents were walking home on their usual route, exiting on the south end gate area, which opens to Thistlemoore Drive. 3 or 4 natives were standing behind their self erected barricade, watching school children and parents with their faces covered with scarves, and witnessed using binoculars. this was done clearly in front of the two O.P.P officers that were sitting there and they never came out of the OPP vehicle.

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