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The Queen certainly wasn’t in the parlor eating bread and honey.  The Prince wasn’t counting all the money.  Both Crown reps are on Turtle Island trying to put their big feet on our land again.  Getting rid of the “Head” must be done under the constellation of the ‘Swordsman’ holding the ‘head’ of Medusa! our responsibilities to protect our land, our law, and our people.  The Crown has not fooled Creation.  Re-tracing their ancestral footsteps and claiming our homelands does not make it theirs.  Your first attempt was a failure.  This one will be too!

David Peterson’s unkept promise is that the Burtch Lands would be returned after the barricades came down last May 24th 2006. (Edit by Jeff: There’s the proof right out of their mouths that we offered them Burtch as a bribe to take down their illegal blockades)

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Posted by the Mohawk News Network – A Native publication

A 250-page field manual on counterinsurgency is being put out by Canada’s Department of National Defense DND for its soldiers and officers.  Jon Elmer of Global Research wrote on March 25, 2007, about these new methods of fighting insurgents like the “Taliban”, the “Chechnyans” and the “Mohawk Warrior Society”.  Wait a minute, that’s us!  Let’s not kid ourselves.  The main purpose of an army is to shoot and kill.  Does Canada’s Parliament or the Canadian people know about this genocidal action that is being done in their name?  Since when is it legal to make plans to attack us? 

Public Security Minister Stockwell Day and Prime Minister Stephen Harper have to be brought before the International Criminal Court in The Hague to be prosecuted for proposing war crimes against us.

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Posted by the Mohawk News Network – A Native publication

When the European military came toTurtle Island, they met Indigenous warriors who did not meet them head on.  They attacked and just disappeared into the woods.  Our men used swarming to attack and defeat the much larger and better armed British and French formations.  Behind our fighting groups we had a democratic organization.  It was defensive.  The colonists ended up having to deal with us on a nation-to-nation basis.  There were natural loyalties among us that glued us together.  That is why today
Canada has to deal with the Confederacy.

The Onkwehonwe are targeted for extermination for many reasons, mainly to steal our land and resources and get their roots into our land.  Welfare was created by the government to control us, our food, our homes and communities. 

Swarming can be a leaderless movement.  It reflects the human instinct to make connections.  On the plus side it can be used by people to protest against injustices and to overcome abuse.  Like all kinds of power, it can be used to commit crimes.  This is why the police and military are studying swarming so they can add it to their artillery of abuse. 

(Edit by Jeff: They forgot to mention Swarming can be used to take over a subdivision & drive out the OPP)

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