Hazel’s great update, May 7, 2007

Posted: May 11, 2007 in Natives, Propaganda

The Queen certainly wasn’t in the parlor eating bread and honey.  The Prince wasn’t counting all the money.  Both Crown reps are on Turtle Island trying to put their big feet on our land again.  Getting rid of the “Head” must be done under the constellation of the ‘Swordsman’ holding the ‘head’ of Medusa! our responsibilities to protect our land, our law, and our people.  The Crown has not fooled Creation.  Re-tracing their ancestral footsteps and claiming our homelands does not make it theirs.  Your first attempt was a failure.  This one will be too!

David Peterson’s unkept promise is that the Burtch Lands would be returned after the barricades came down last May 24th 2006. (Edit by Jeff: There’s the proof right out of their mouths that we offered them Burtch as a bribe to take down their illegal blockades)

Read the rest of this story here

Much more including plenty more stories as posted by the Natives at www.caledoniawakeupcall.com

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