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In recent days, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has created a great deal of confusion for his constituents. Many are wondering why. One of the services provided by Caledonia Wakeup Call has been the dismantling of confusion created by politicians by simply exposing the facts to the public, so let’s break this down.

Since the Terrorist occupation of Douglas Creek Estates began in 2006, McGuinty has repeatedly said that Ottawa and only Ottawa can resolve the issue. In the meantime however he sent a Provincial negotiator to the table at a cost of $1300 per day which of course was paid for by your hard earned tax dollars. Now that negotiator has been sent packing to be replaced by former deputy minister of Aboriginal affairs Murray Coolican. We’re told he has a better understanding of Aboriginal culture so he will be more effective. If Ontario can not resolve this problem, then how will sending in a more “Aboriginal sensitive” negotiator make any difference?  It will not.

After 15 months of claiming that the Federal Government are the only ones who can resolve this, McGuinty is suddenly stating that they can not because they have a conflict of interest. Now he says an independent body needs to be created to resolve the land claim. The timing is no coincidence. It’s a very calculated attempt to create a fog of confusion which we the voters must see through.