McGuinty’s ‘Cloak & Dagger’ strategy

Posted: May 13, 2007 in Caledonia, Corruption, DCE, Deseronto, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, McGuinty, Top Posts

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In recent days, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has created a great deal of confusion for his constituents. Many are wondering why. One of the services provided by Caledonia Wakeup Call has been the dismantling of confusion created by politicians by simply exposing the facts to the public, so let’s break this down.

Since the Terrorist occupation of Douglas Creek Estates began in 2006, McGuinty has repeatedly said that Ottawa and only Ottawa can resolve the issue. In the meantime however he sent a Provincial negotiator to the table at a cost of $1300 per day which of course was paid for by your hard earned tax dollars. Now that negotiator has been sent packing to be replaced by former deputy minister of Aboriginal affairs Murray Coolican. We’re told he has a better understanding of Aboriginal culture so he will be more effective. If Ontario can not resolve this problem, then how will sending in a more “Aboriginal sensitive” negotiator make any difference?  It will not.

After 15 months of claiming that the Federal Government are the only ones who can resolve this, McGuinty is suddenly stating that they can not because they have a conflict of interest. Now he says an independent body needs to be created to resolve the land claim. The timing is no coincidence. It’s a very calculated attempt to create a fog of confusion which we the voters must see through.

It’s important to clear up one issue at this point. Ottawa has already settled the DCE land claim. It was ruled invalid thus there is nothing for them to negotiate. McGuinty has ignored that fact until now. If there is no valid land claim then why has the land continued to be occupied by the Terrorists who stole it? More confusion that can be quite easily explained.

When this mess began, a Judge ordered the illegal occupiers off of DCE. The one poorly executed attempt by the OPP to enforce the law in Caledonia resulted in hundreds of Terrorists pouring onto the land and overwhelming the OPP who were simply unprepared. They lost all control over the situation just as they did in Ipperwash in 1995.

With a complete disregard for the law they are supposed to uphold, the OPP then stood by and refused to remove them. They also recklessly refused to arrest them while watching them commit countless crimes such as assault on elderly people, assault on a CHTV camera crew, the attempted murder of a fellow OPP officer etc. That’s an entirely different subject for a different day. Pressure was growing for the OPP to enforce the still outstanding court order to remove the Terrorists from DCE, so Dalton came up with a solution. He used our tax dollars to buy the land and then said the terrorists were welcome to stay there and live in model homes complete with utilities at no cost until the land claim is resolved. This made the land property of the Ontario government and neutralized the court order to remove the terrorists. This move also took the jurisdiction to deal with the occupiers away from the Federal Government, and placed it in the hands of Dalton McGuinty. He forgot to mention that to the Public.

Notice how his smile seems to dissipate as you learn more about him. For approximately a year now, Dalton has been smiling and saying this is not his problem. He has ignored Caledonia and the problems he helped to create there until now. Why now is he speaking out about an independent body to solve the land claim & that Ottawa suddenly is no longer able to do it?  Why does he seem to suddenly care? Because a Provincial Election is coming and he is terrified of what Caledonia Wakeup Call and Voice of Canada will do to his campaign!

Lobbying for and setting up an independent body to deal with the land claim will take time. Enough time that he can go on the campaign trail saying that he is in the process of doing something about Caledonia while in fact he is NOT. He can say he provided compensation to residents ($2000 – $6000 for a small number of families who have been terrorized in their homes for well over a year with no end in sight) and the average person will believe it even though we know it was a slap in the face. He can say that he had a new negotiator who is an expert in Indian affairs brought in and most people will think this is progress when in fact it’s nothing, and he can say that he is having an independent board set up to handle the land claim issue and most people will believe it despite the fact that there is NO land claim. It was squashed by Ottawa in 2006.

As all great con artists do, he will tell his story very convincingly. (Anyone else remember “I will NOT raise taxes “?) Those of us in Ontario need to remember that no matter how hard he tries to spin or deny the truth, it’s still there, and he is still allowing Caledonia to suffer every single day. His recent comments that the OPP are “peacekeepers” who should be issued blue helmets proves that  he doesn’t even understand the most basic concept of law enforcement, and doesn’t care enough to take the time to educate himself about Caledonia, Ipperwash, and soon Deseronto. If your town is next on the Native Terrorist hit list, you can be assured he won’t do anything to help you either. If you happen to see Dalton, be sure to ask him why there continues to be no law enforcement in Caledonia each day he remains in power. Just don’t expect one of those trademark smiles in return.

Is THIS the man we want Representing Ontario for 4 more years?

Stay tuned to throughout the McGuinty Campaign to see each lie revealed as it is told. Your confusion is his only hope of survival.

Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia WakeUp Call
  1. Jim Anderson says:

    Great blog Jeff.

    I think the electorate will have a lot to think about before they mark a vote for McGuinty this fall.

    It is amazing how easily he lies to the people of Ontario and seems completely devoid of any conscience for his lying.

    At least John Tory is starting to speak out in favour of single tier justice and accountability for criminal acts by terrorist groups bent on causing civil damage to Canada.

    It will be our duty to follow his campaign and ensure that he is finally held publically accountable for his lies during his campaign tour.

  2. WL Mackenzie Redux says:

    There is an old syaing that you can’t blame a snake for being a snake…if you invite one into your home and they bite you who’s fault is it?…you knew what they were when you brought them home.

    with that parable in mind we have working in the Caledonia siege two versions of the same truth. In the case of the criminal trespassers we expect uncivil and illegal behaviour because that is the nature of that element…no surprise there. We expect violent threatening intimidation and extortion schemes from the criminal/fanatical element of 6 nations who are running this legally baseless land scam….this is the snake that has no pretense of being a snake if you invite this snake into your home you know fully what to expect.

    Then we have the Premier of our province who took an oath of office to uphold the rule of law and protect the citizens of Ontario yet he has suspended the rule of law and the citizens of Caledonia remain at risk of another criminal terror spree should the extortion demands not be met…..this is the snake who we invited into the house but he wore a pussycat masquerade to duisguise his real nature…we did not expect to be lied to and robbed by him and we did not expect the snake bite he doled out to the tax payer and citizen.

    Which is worse the self proclained snake or the snake in diguise?

  3. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Well said!

    I choose not to answer the question but rather to pose one of my own. How sad is it that we should have to make such a choice?

    Let us not forget that the “self proclaimed snake” is growing rapidly in it’s intent to bite us while the one in disguise is trying to slither further and further away from this.

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