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There’s a mindset prevalent in some rather bigoted circles of our society that members of First Nations basically have carte blanche to tap dance around our legal system when they gather to protest a land claim.

First Nations people are not above the law. Case in point is Trevor Miller, who pleaded guilty to assaulting a TV cameraman during an altercation at the site of the Caledonia land claim nearly a year ago. Miller also pleaded guilty to stealing a camera from another crewman and to making off with a U.S. border patrol vehicle in a separate incident.

What Gary McHale, and others like him don’t understand is how police and government deal with large-scale protests. Whether it is a group of natives, or striking workers, or a mass of protesters of mixed ethnicity, they may all be handled not based on skin colour, but based on emotional state of the crowd. (Edit by Jeff: Please.. emotional state of the crowd is not a valid reason for the OPP to watch heinous crimes being commited without acting, & Miller is one guy. How about the hundreds more who got away with their crimes?)

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by Donna Pitcher

In light of the recent lawsuit that has been launched against Haldimand County and the Mayor for $1.375 million dollars plus court costs, I would like to take you on a stroll down memory lane. The following are a few examples of issues that were in the news in Haldimand County at the same time frame in which this law suit is about (2004-2005).

The first issue I would like to talk about was during the time that Haldimand County Council and Staff decided to try and sell Haldimand County Hydro. Besides going behind closed doors for almost four months, a few paid the ultimate price for their public involvement.
In December of 2004, just one month after Councilor Boyko was voted in as Deputy Mayor, his fellow council members ousted him, and Councilor Sloat took his place. Why you ask? In November of 2004 at the only public meeting held regarding the potential sale of Haldimand County Hydro, Councilor Boyko took the stand and stated that the process was wrong and he didn’t agree with the sale of Haldimand County Hydro. Because of this his peers reprimanded him almost immediately.

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Deseronto council is getting a hard lesson in how much say it has in land claim negotiations that impact more than half their town — the answer is not much.

Negotiations between the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte (MBQ) and the federal government are ongoing and impact future ownership of about 60 per cent of the town. But council has no spot at the negotiating table, even as an observer, and there are still holes in the information it receives, said Coun. Edgar Tumak.

Tumak has requested information in writing from the federal government. Neither he nor council has received an answer.

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Editorial – I would like to clear up some misconceptions about how our proposed Species at Risk legislation will impact Ontario landowners and farmers. the proposed legislation will not ‘handcuff’ landowners and farmers and make it difficult for them to use their land. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our goal with this legislation is not to penalize people; instead we want to work with them and provide incentives to protect species at risk and protect essential habitat and green space. Please remember that there were only eight convictions since 1993 under the current legislation.

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published by the Mohawk News Network – a Native publication

We took over the quarry run by Thurlow Aggregates.  We demanded that
Ontario revoke the illegal license for the quarry.  Meanwhile, the operator carried away 100,000 tons of rocks a year and dumped toxic waste into our ground.  Where can we go to when a state is in cahoots with the thieves?  Their only concern is blind greed and profit.  Screw the environment!  Screw anyone who gets in their way, like us! 

In desperation we blocked the CN rail line for 30 hours.  It runs through our land without our consent.  Dozens of trains were stopped. Criminal charges have been laid against one of the Mohawks, Shawn Brant.  This is very interesting.  Despite all the crimes committed against us, ranging from genocide, theft and destruction of our environment, criminal charges have never been laid against “our” abusers.

The fascist state is one “goose step” away from domination…

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The former Burtch Correctional Centre likely won’t be handed over to six families asserting they are the property’s rightful owners without documentation proving the claim, said Brant MPP Dave Levac.

The six families say they were promised the land would eventually be returned to them when it was expropriated by the federal government for use as an air field in 1941. The provincial government, which currently owns the land, is now considering handing over the 385-acre property to Six Nations as part of negotiations to resolve the current native land occupation in Caledonia. (Edit by Jeff: Was given to them as a bribe to take down their illegal blockades)

If Six Nations eventually decided it didn’t want the Burtch lands, Levac said he would work with the six families to “rectify” their situation.

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