Families will have to prove they own Burtch

Posted: May 14, 2007 in Burtch, Headlines, Land claims, Natives

The former Burtch Correctional Centre likely won’t be handed over to six families asserting they are the property’s rightful owners without documentation proving the claim, said Brant MPP Dave Levac.

The six families say they were promised the land would eventually be returned to them when it was expropriated by the federal government for use as an air field in 1941. The provincial government, which currently owns the land, is now considering handing over the 385-acre property to Six Nations as part of negotiations to resolve the current native land occupation in Caledonia. (Edit by Jeff: Was given to them as a bribe to take down their illegal blockades)

If Six Nations eventually decided it didn’t want the Burtch lands, Levac said he would work with the six families to “rectify” their situation.

Read the full story here

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