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From the Ontario Government Caledonia pages this is their definition of the buffer zone on DCE.

“What is the buffer zone (also called the “no go zone”) and where is it?

In actual fact the “buffer zone” does not exist for DCE Occupiers and their supporters. The DCE Occupiers and their supporters are able to violate it freely with impunity as the OPP will do nothing to them if they violate the “buffer zone”.

In actual fact if any residents of Caledonia or their supporters violate the “buffer zone” they will be charged.

I had a conversation with Mayor Trainer and OPP Inspector McLean on Tuesday April 16, 2007 at 3:00 p.m. during which we discussed the 100’ buffer zone….

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Fantino hasn’t been doing a lot of talking since his email to Haldimand County. There are several people calling for him to be fired so it didn’t surprise us to see Fantino trying out different job possibilities.

About a week ago Fantino was photographed working in McDonalds in Oakville. From the photo he doesn’t look like he is serving up any “Happy Meals”

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Deseronto council is getting a hard lesson in how much say it has in land claim negotiations that impact more than half their town – the answer is not much.

So what is actually happening to their town?  Neither town council or non-aboriginal residents have any access to that information. Many residents are worried that their largest lifetime investment, their homes… will be handed over in the deal.

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A renegade native leader in Manitoba is threatening widespread economic disruption, with a warning to CN Rail that he will attempt to blockade the rail line connecting Eastern and Western Canada next month. The warning, from Chief Terry Nelson of Roseau River First Nation, comes amid increasing tension over delays in settling land claims and what to do about them.

“If [the rail companies] take a confrontational attitude and start throwing lawsuits around, clearly this could escalate and it will very likely end up in a month-long blockade,” said Mr. Nelson. “It is going to get out of control, very clearly.”

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The native protesters occupying a quarry near Deseronto should consider, if they haven’t already, that their demonstration has run its course. Even the most sympathetic and supportive to their occupation could argue that strategically, pulling out would be the best move right now. It would serve every stated goal of the group.

Ending the occupation would also show goodwill to the town of Deseronto, a community that is home to many Mohawks itself. Tensions are rising, with people threatening to boycott reserve retailers and increasingly worried about their futures. It would be a gesture of goodwill to a community that has supported its neighbours in the past.

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Originally posted February 14th/07 – Pre FantinoGate.  Still a very interesting read!

Many think that Gary McHale is old news by now, but his name came up frequently last week at a public meeting in Caledonia.

People don’t have a problem with county councillors not supporting Gary McHale. They have a problem with councillors who are against him and make him a target for public backlash. And it isn’t necessarily just about Gary McHale, personally. It’s about what he represents in the grand scheme of things. McHale has become a symbol of what’s wrong in Caledonia, and perhaps more importantly, Haldimand.

It seems as if the majority of government and police spokespersons as well as county councillors condemn Gary McHale as they speak of this “assistance”. It’s as if McHale is at the root of Caledonia’s problems and the natives are virtually non-existent now, just because they’ve been quiet lately in below freezing weather.

The question still remains – and no one has answered it yet to our satisfaction – how has McHale disrupted the peace? Simply, how? We can think of many instances that would show natives causing disruptions over the past year, but how exactly has Gary McHale disturbed the peace?

In our opinion, when we start attacking McHale, we start attacking the wrong side of this dispute. Do we all-of-a-sudden forget the months prior to his arrival?

Arbitrarily deciding not to support a simple Canadian flag-raising incident pales in comparison to arbitrarily attacking the credibility of one without cause, before it even happens. No one asked county councillors to do that. So why did they?

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I received information a while ago from an OPP source from within Orillia headquarters regarding the CN train de-railment back in April near Cobourg in which it stated, “Three natives were seen clamping a vise on a rail track in Cobourg Ontario, thus resulting in a derailment.The source has provide us with dozens of stories that have turned out to be true including the story that Ron George, senior Aboriginal officer in the OPP, was caught drunk after his car was in an accident. This story came to me days before any media ran the story and Mr. George has since pleaded guilty in court.

Video Proof of Natives teaching people to Sabotage Rail Lines

Now we have a posting of a video created by Natives to teach & encourage people to Sabotage the train system. The video makes it clear that Native people have the right to Sabotage the rail system because in their minds they have no justice in their Land Claims.

Direct Terrorist Threat against Canada

Our Political leaders sat back while Caledonia experienced a direct terrorist attack against it when the power station was destroyed, the highway was dug up, rail lines were blocked, people were systematically intimidated and assaulted, US border guards were assaulted, numerous OPP officers were injuired and when Native Protesters attempted to murder an OPP officer….

OPP covers up for the Criminal & Terrorist Act of the Protesters

The OPP is wilfully covering up for the crimes and terrorist acts of the protesters. They refuse to do press releases that would show the seriousness of the situtation as the information would look bad for the Native Protesters. In order to appease the protesters, they order their officers to stand by and watch Natives commit serious crimes.

This is one of those stories you have to read for yourself to believe.

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One must wonder some day how our elected leaders come up with the things they say. Do they think we, the public, are so stupid as to believe their B.S. all the time.

McGuinty’s lastest B.S. calls for a “New Way” to solve Native Land Claims.

McGuinty does have a track record which allows us to review his ‘New Way’ of dealing with Land Claims.

1) Undermine the Court System:

From moment one McGuinty’s Government worked against Court Injunctions that legally called for the removal of the Native Protestors on DCE. Judge Marshall ordered the OPP to arrest, fingerprint and photograph all protesters found on DCE after March 24, 2006.

McGuinty’s ‘New Way’ was to challege all Legal Claims to DCE by the builders and to bring an end to Injunctions legally ordered by the courts.

2) McGuinty’s Subversive Actions against the Court System:

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It doesn’t matter to me which town had been victimized by crimes committed by DCE occupiers, I would still have been involved. The fact that it is Caledonia and that my family has it roots in Caledonia isn’t the reason why I got involved.

This past weekend I went to Kingston for my father’s 80th birthday party and I was given some old photos and other things from my aunt. Included was an old newspaper story from 1960 regarding McHales in Caledonia. Yes, you heard me right, McHales lived in Caledonia since the mid 1950s….

I grew up near Deseronto and went to school not that far from Deseronto. My mother is buried in a very small village near Deseronto. The sign for Greater Napanee is 100 ft away from the road that goes to Deseronto.

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