1960 – McHale’s of Caledonia

Posted: May 15, 2007 in Caledonia, Deseronto, Gary McHale

It doesn’t matter to me which town had been victimized by crimes committed by DCE occupiers, I would still have been involved. The fact that it is Caledonia and that my family has it roots in Caledonia isn’t the reason why I got involved.

This past weekend I went to Kingston for my father’s 80th birthday party and I was given some old photos and other things from my aunt. Included was an old newspaper story from 1960 regarding McHales in Caledonia. Yes, you heard me right, McHales lived in Caledonia since the mid 1950s….

I grew up near Deseronto and went to school not that far from Deseronto. My mother is buried in a very small village near Deseronto. The sign for Greater Napanee is 100 ft away from the road that goes to Deseronto.

Read the full story here to learn more about Gary McHale and why he fights this fight!

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