Is McGuinty’s brain hurting yet?

Posted: May 15, 2007 in Caledonia, Corruption, DCE, Deseronto, FantinoGate, Headlines, Land claims, McGuinty

One must wonder some day how our elected leaders come up with the things they say. Do they think we, the public, are so stupid as to believe their B.S. all the time.

McGuinty’s lastest B.S. calls for a “New Way” to solve Native Land Claims.

McGuinty does have a track record which allows us to review his ‘New Way’ of dealing with Land Claims.

1) Undermine the Court System:

From moment one McGuinty’s Government worked against Court Injunctions that legally called for the removal of the Native Protestors on DCE. Judge Marshall ordered the OPP to arrest, fingerprint and photograph all protesters found on DCE after March 24, 2006.

McGuinty’s ‘New Way’ was to challege all Legal Claims to DCE by the builders and to bring an end to Injunctions legally ordered by the courts.

2) McGuinty’s Subversive Actions against the Court System:

Read the full story here

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