Video Proof of Terrorist Threat to CN Rail

Posted: May 15, 2007 in Caledonia, CN Rail, Corruption, DCE, Deseronto, FantinoGate, Headlines, Land claims, McGuinty, Natives, OPP, Terrorism, Top Posts

I received information a while ago from an OPP source from within Orillia headquarters regarding the CN train de-railment back in April near Cobourg in which it stated, “Three natives were seen clamping a vise on a rail track in Cobourg Ontario, thus resulting in a derailment.The source has provide us with dozens of stories that have turned out to be true including the story that Ron George, senior Aboriginal officer in the OPP, was caught drunk after his car was in an accident. This story came to me days before any media ran the story and Mr. George has since pleaded guilty in court.

Video Proof of Natives teaching people to Sabotage Rail Lines

Now we have a posting of a video created by Natives to teach & encourage people to Sabotage the train system. The video makes it clear that Native people have the right to Sabotage the rail system because in their minds they have no justice in their Land Claims.

Direct Terrorist Threat against Canada

Our Political leaders sat back while Caledonia experienced a direct terrorist attack against it when the power station was destroyed, the highway was dug up, rail lines were blocked, people were systematically intimidated and assaulted, US border guards were assaulted, numerous OPP officers were injuired and when Native Protesters attempted to murder an OPP officer….

OPP covers up for the Criminal & Terrorist Act of the Protesters

The OPP is wilfully covering up for the crimes and terrorist acts of the protesters. They refuse to do press releases that would show the seriousness of the situtation as the information would look bad for the Native Protesters. In order to appease the protesters, they order their officers to stand by and watch Natives commit serious crimes.

This is one of those stories you have to read for yourself to believe.

Read the full story and see the video for yourself here 

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