Why do councillors not support Gary McHale?

Posted: May 15, 2007 in Caledonia, Corruption, DCE, Gary McHale, Natives

Originally posted February 14th/07 – Pre FantinoGate.  Still a very interesting read!

Many think that Gary McHale is old news by now, but his name came up frequently last week at a public meeting in Caledonia.

People don’t have a problem with county councillors not supporting Gary McHale. They have a problem with councillors who are against him and make him a target for public backlash. And it isn’t necessarily just about Gary McHale, personally. It’s about what he represents in the grand scheme of things. McHale has become a symbol of what’s wrong in Caledonia, and perhaps more importantly, Haldimand.

It seems as if the majority of government and police spokespersons as well as county councillors condemn Gary McHale as they speak of this “assistance”. It’s as if McHale is at the root of Caledonia’s problems and the natives are virtually non-existent now, just because they’ve been quiet lately in below freezing weather.

The question still remains – and no one has answered it yet to our satisfaction – how has McHale disrupted the peace? Simply, how? We can think of many instances that would show natives causing disruptions over the past year, but how exactly has Gary McHale disturbed the peace?

In our opinion, when we start attacking McHale, we start attacking the wrong side of this dispute. Do we all-of-a-sudden forget the months prior to his arrival?

Arbitrarily deciding not to support a simple Canadian flag-raising incident pales in comparison to arbitrarily attacking the credibility of one without cause, before it even happens. No one asked county councillors to do that. So why did they?

Read the full article here

Much more at www.caledoniawakeupcall.com

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