Democracy takes a hit in Deseronto

Posted: May 16, 2007 in Brantford, Corruption, Deseronto, Natives, Terrorism

“Deseronto extends a warm welcome to all visitors and commuters. Deseronto is a small town with heart, friendly people who greet you with a smile.”

Despite the enticing advertising copy found on its website Deseronto seems neither welcoming or to have much of a heart today after its Deputy Clerk & Treasurer, Bryan Brooks, called Merlyn Kinrade to tell the former Royal Canadian Navy veteran of the Korean War that the town council had voted to revoke permission to use the town’s Lions Hall for a planned law and order workshop. 

According to Mr. Brooks, Deseronto council decided to it didn’t want the workshop because the OPP are “doing a great job”

To Deseronto Town Council

Just as we went to Brantford, we will come to Deseronto one day soon with or without your ‘permission.’

Read the full story here

Much more at


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