Who created the CN Rail Video?

Posted: May 16, 2007 in Caledonia, CN Rail, DCE, Deseronto, Headlines, Land claims, Natives, Terrorism

Amazing how quickly after the general public found out about the CN Rail video and we saw the reaction to this terrorist threat that the pro-Native side jumped into overdrive to spin the video as anything but a video created by the pro-Native side.

Outside the fact that the video was teaching people to disrupt rail service, which is exactly what the Native protesters want on June 29, we can trace back who was the first to post and encourage others to view the video.

I alerted CSIS & CN Police within a couple of hours after seeing a link to the video on the Native Reclamation web site. I first found the video posted on this Native Reclamation site on Monday, May 14, posted at about 4:19 pm by Timmer. There are no comments by anyone on this site that this video was unacceptable.

The video was just re-posted on the Native Reclamation site by phreakgeek, a pro-Native person, who adds to each of his posts the phrase, “The CowBoy Killer… The only good CowBoy is a dead CowBoy… Skenna…Kariwiio… Kastatsensera…”

It is interesting that the leadership within the Native community is justifying the anger and frustration that would lead people to create the video. The video is only teaching people to do exactly what many Native leaders have openly called for – a nation wide disruption of rail service.

It wasn’t until after the national media started covering the story and people started to realize just how serious this video was that the pro-Native group started their Spin on the video. Prior to this, the video was posted on several pro-Native sites include the Reclamation Site and people were encouraged to watch the video.

Read the full story here

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