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How much are we supposed to take as a society before we say ENOUGH? 

Today the OPP stood by and watched as a Terrorist on DCE with a Rifle in hand screamed death threats at a woman holding a baby just off of Thistlemore Ave in Caledonia. They did not approach him, they did not arrest him, they did not attempt in any way to stop him for NO other reason than because he was Native.

Instead they called the Six Nations police who were nowhere nearby, and let this armed terrorist walk away. He proceeded to a smoke shop just outside of Caledonia and shot an employee because the OPP were too cowardly to attempt to stop him.   This racist politically correct experiment by the OPP, Julian Fantino and his master Dalton McGuinty MUST end.


Notre Dame school went into lock down mode today and they lied to the children and parents about the reason why.

Residents of Caledonia have asked us to post their request for a one day boycott of Notre Dame Catholic School on Friday, May 18, 2007. The reason for this boycott is to tell the school board that the community will not tolerate misleading and erroneous information.

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Mr. Fantino stated clearly to the public when he took office that there would be one set of laws for all. He publicly claims there is no Two Tier Justice in Caledonia.Can you explain to us, Mr. Fantino, whether your officers would stand by and do nothing if a non-Native person was carrying a gun and screaming that he was going to kill someone? Would they sit in their cars and radio in for someone else to deal with the issue?

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CHTV and other media outlets are now reporting that a man has been shot just south of Caledonia at the new Smoke Shop that was set up just over a week ago. This shooting occurred this afternoon and a worker at the smoke shop has now been taken to hostipal.

The following details have not been reported.

Eye witness states that the gun man was on DCE before the shooting at the smoke shop. He reports the following, “I went to see what was going on and heard a native cursing and swearing at a couple of native people. Don’t know what set off the confrontation. Then I saw a shorter, heavy set guy come around the corner of a vehicle, (there were two vehicles side by side on the site) he was was holding a rifle in his hands and yelling, “I will fucking kill you right here”. I looked and saw a woman holding a small child and the guy was yelling “I’ll kill you”. I took off on the run up the street towards the OPP to tell them.

The OPP did what the OPP always do in Caledonia when a Native person is committing a crime, they called for Six Nations Police to deal with the problem.

Here we have a man with a gun saying he’s going to kill someone and the OPP who are just a few hundred feet away call for Six Nations to respond.

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Bubba Ludwig can’t walk, talk or open the refrigerator door – but he does have his very own Illinois gun permit.

The card lists the baby’s height (2 feet, 3 inches), weight (20 pounds) and has a scribble where the signature should be. 

Illinois State Police oversee the application process. Their purpose, said Lt. Scott Compton, is to keep guns out of the hands of convicted felons, those under an order of protection and those convicted of domestic violence.

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Little did I know when I made this picture for my article Terrorist Temper Tantrum that it may represent an alternative to the OPP.

One must admit, he may be small, but Baby Bubba would be smart enough not to let race dictate who gets to be a “bad guy” and get away with it.

Perhaps we’ll be seeing more of Bubba soon.

I will personally work on obtaining an exclusive interview with the potential new “sherrif” to bring you his thoughts on the situation.

 Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia Wakeup Call

OPP boss Julian Fantino should step aside pending a full investigation into 16-year-old allegations that a civilian member of a police services board was put under surveillance while he was a superintendent with the force, NDP MPP Peter Kormos says.

“It’s very serious misconduct for a police force to be putting one of its own board members under surveillance,” Kormos said.

But Premier Dalton McGuinty said yesterday he has full confidence in (his self appointed lapdog) Fantino as OPP commissioner.

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Although I dearly love this country and would not want to live anywhere else on the planet, sometimes what goes on here is disgusting!

if it’s not the French Canadians whining, then it’s the Indians.

National native leader Phil Fontaine warned a blue-chip audience on Tuesday that the anger felt in many First Nations communities has reached a breaking point. Fontaine did not dismiss worries about possible confrontations this summer. While he has a track record of favouring quiet diplomacy over barricades, he suggested to his audience that this tactic has yielded few results. “Consider where that attitude has gotten us — obviously not very far,” he said.

These people choose to live for the most part in substandard housing with multiple wrecks of old cars on their front lawns and rampant crime running through their community.

Phony land claims and welfare are no substitute for pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and making something of yourself, after all you don’t see the Chinese causing any trouble on their reserve. (Markham)

Don’t expect us to give you endless welfare, if the land can’t support you, GET OUT! That’s what the Irish did in the 1840’s and 50’s and what the Europeans in general did right up to the 1970’s, so what’s holding you back?

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Why now?

That’s the question being asked after a copy of what’s believed to be a confidential report on a Toronto police wiretap and surveillance operation, involving former police services board chair Susan Eng and a close friend were leaked to the media.

“Why should any civilian, much less the civilian overseer of the police board, be subjected to improper wiretaps and surveillance? It’s utterly insane.” Eng called the police actions “an abuse of power, and an invasion of privacy,” bordering on criminal behaviour.

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There’s no need for the commissioner of Ontario’s provincial police force to step aside despite allegations that he was involved in spying on a close friend of the head of Toronto’s police services board 16 years ago, the government saiAn internal intelligence report leaked to CBC News says Toronto police spied on a close confidante of Susan Eng, who headed the force’s civilian oversight body in the early 1990s.

Fantino has not commented. (He never does when he’s wrong)

Kwinter said it would be up to the courts, Toronto police or the agency that looks into complaints against officers to investigate.

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Several natives at a public hearing on a 116-unit condominium townhouse development planned near the Wayne Gretzky Parkway have warned city council it could become a flashpoint in the unsettled land claims dispute.
The committee of the whole deferred this week consideration of the development proposed by Stirling Bridge Ltd., after several natives in both the Iroquois Confederacy and a group calling itself the Mohawk Nation raised objections.

“I’ve been told to come here and give you hell. I totally object to everything being done here. Whatever you decide here is on your heads because you have been told and told and told.”

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The county and city were warned to stop their proposed land transfer or risk seeing Caledonia-like aboriginal reclamation sites spring up in Brant County. The warning came from Six Nations at a public meeting held in Brantford last week.  “We’re not going away anymore,” Ruby Montour of Six Nations told the mayors of Brantford and the County of Brant.

“You better stop the development. We have people that we’re having a hard time holding back. They’re young and have been stepped on for centuries,” “The time has come when you have to face us and you have to deal with us… Don’t talk down to us-we’ve got the federal government doing that… ”

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CN Rail is dropping its lawsuit against the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte over a blockade of a rail line in eastern Ontario.The lawsuit will still go ahead, however, against the protesters and the organizer of the blockade, Shawn Brant, who are to appear in court Thursday.

“We have decided to discontinue legal action after receiving sworn evidence that the chief and the council did not authorize or approve of the illegal blockade,” CN spokesman Mark Hallman told the Belleville Intelligencer.  “CN’s policy is to promote solid relationships with First Nations across its network in Canada,” the company’s statement said.

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Assembly of First Nations Chief Phil Fontaine says a YouTube video that provides instructions on how to disrupt railway traffic serves as evidence of mounting frustration among Canada’s native youth.

The video, entitled “When Justice Fails, Stop the Rails,” calls on natives to take action by creating rail blockades similar to those recently staged near Tyendinaga, Ont.

“They feel a deep sense of hopelessness because conditions in our communities are so desperate.”

On Tuesday, Fontaine warned Ottawa that progress must be made quickly on land claim issues in order to prevent a summer of protests.

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Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty suggested Wednesday that the federal government’s refusal to implement the Kelowna agreement with Aboriginal People has added to the frustration of Canada’s native communities.

The Ontario premier also urged Ottawa to speed up the process of settling more than 800 outstanding land claims by setting up an independent body to rule on the claims.

McGuinty brushed off suggestions that outstanding land claims could threaten Ontario’s economic prospects even as he acknowledged negotiating native claims for huge tracts of land in densely populated southern Ontario will be no easy undertaking.

Conservative Leader John Tory, however, said the province faces major economic disruptions if land claims aren’t adequately addressed and native protesters make good on threats to blockade railway lines and major thoroughfares such as Highway 401.

“If it lasted for two or three days, you would literally have plants closing in Ontario, people being laid off temporarily because of the blockade.”

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Apparently I’m angry

Posted: May 17, 2007 in Natives

posted by a Native blogger

I’m at my breaking point all right.

Apparently I owe over $30,000 in taxes and they want more everyday.

 had a short-term marriage which ended with abandonment and a loss of my life savings but that government says she is still entitled to half of everything I have left. Right on.

Gas taxes. Great!

Sanctioned monopolies. Wonderful!

Buried guns. Treasure hunt!

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