Man Shot because OPP failed at their duty

Posted: May 17, 2007 in Caledonia, Corruption, DCE, FantinoGate, Headlines, Natives, OPP, Terrorism

CHTV and other media outlets are now reporting that a man has been shot just south of Caledonia at the new Smoke Shop that was set up just over a week ago. This shooting occurred this afternoon and a worker at the smoke shop has now been taken to hostipal.

The following details have not been reported.

Eye witness states that the gun man was on DCE before the shooting at the smoke shop. He reports the following, “I went to see what was going on and heard a native cursing and swearing at a couple of native people. Don’t know what set off the confrontation. Then I saw a shorter, heavy set guy come around the corner of a vehicle, (there were two vehicles side by side on the site) he was was holding a rifle in his hands and yelling, “I will fucking kill you right here”. I looked and saw a woman holding a small child and the guy was yelling “I’ll kill you”. I took off on the run up the street towards the OPP to tell them.

The OPP did what the OPP always do in Caledonia when a Native person is committing a crime, they called for Six Nations Police to deal with the problem.

Here we have a man with a gun saying he’s going to kill someone and the OPP who are just a few hundred feet away call for Six Nations to respond.

Read the full story here

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