Breaking News: More Chaos today in Caledonia at the hands of Terrorists

Posted: May 18, 2007 in Caledonia, DCE, Headlines, Natives, OPP, Terrorism

10:45 am Friday update: Notre Dame school is in lock-down again. Natives are gathering to stop the local Baptist Church from paving their driveway.

12:30 pm Friday update: Resident states, “Around 10:30 this morning, we drove around by Notre Dame to see if many kids were at school. We met a friend who said there was something happening at the Baptist Church. She thought it had something to do with their drainage after the heavy rain this week. We drove there, stopped on the side of the road. Right away a police officer came and asked my husband to move. He said that he just wanted to know what was going on and she said there were discussions and she couldn’t report anything. My husband said he was staying there, that he lived in Caledonia( she said she did too, supposed she meant at Unity School). She left, then another one came and asked us to move – we were on the shoulder of the road, but he said we were blocking traffic.

My husband turned the car around to the shoulder on the other side of the road, while we sat there a Norton Construction truck had its turning light on to go into the church and the natives talked to the OPP, so an officer talked to the driver and made him drive on, right by the church and not stop. Right away another OPP came over, asked my husband to move, he said he was off the road, asked again what was going on and that he could sit there at the side – we lived in Caledonia. She went back, then a male OPP officer came, asked him twice to move or he would be arrested for disturbing the peace. Of course, my husband got upset at that. Then the female officer came over, with a native following her, discussion kept on, she finally said that some natives were about to come over and she said, ” We don’t want to see her hurt”, pointing to me. my husband then asked, “So, if they try to pull me out of the car, what are you going to do?”  She said, “We won’t let that happen”, but my husband said “You’ve done nothing in the past”. Then my husband and the native got into a verbal speel, I was very nervous and said “Let’s just go”. Sometime during this, the female OPP turned around to the native man and smiled. The native said that the road was theirs as was the land, and when my husband asked where were we to go, back to Europe, he said “That would be a good start”. He also said that the natives had an agreement with the Church that there would be no digging. Then the male OPP officer came over again and said this was the last time, that my husband would be arrested if we didn’t leave. All this time, traffic was able to move freely, as we were still on the shoulder of the road. My husband said fine and we left.We just heard it said on the news that there was confrontation between the OPP and the natives at the church, that’s not true – they are gettng along fine. Any Cal. citizen or non-native person who goes to see what is happening in our town is who the OPP are confronting.Neither governments are bothered about what is going on here, in Deseronto or any other area – we almost are hoping that the natives will blockade major roads, railways, etc. on June 29, so that maybe the governments will finally take notice and settle things speedily. A question – why are not two of the land claims the gov’t. are trying to settle not the Douglas Creek Estate in Caledonia and the one in Deseronto?”

1:20 pm Friday Update: OPP starting to admit the shooter was on DCE with his gun before the shooting, “In a statement, the OPP said “the suspect may have been observed at the Douglas Creek Estates, but the suspect’s actions were in relation to an issue not related to the ongoing land claim dispute.”

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