Natives risk derailing their own interests

Posted: May 18, 2007 in Caledonia, CN Rail, DCE, Deseronto, June 29th 2007, Land claims, Natives, Terrorism, Terry Nelson

Last December, the Assembly of First Nations voted to make June 29 a national day of peaceful protest. Now Chief Terry Nelson of the Roseau River First Nation is threatening to kick off the Canada Day long weekend by blocking a CN rail line, and encouraging other chiefs to do likewise.

Mr. Nelson was one of the few native leaders to stand up for David Ahenakew after the latter’s notorious anti-Semitic remarks in 2002. He later went on the attack against
Winnipeg broadcaster Charles Adler, as well as against the Asper family’s CanWest media empire: “The Jewish silence is deafening. It is not just one article, there are thousands of articles and stories carried by Jewish controlled media that are evidence of hatred against recognized races of people.” He played another race card this week: “There are only two ways of dealing with the white man. One, either you pick up a gun, or you stand between the white man and his money.”

Let’s hope governments and police forces do their job on Canada Day weekend, tearing down any barricades as soon as they are put up and laying charges against anyone who breaks the law. With such lavish forewarning, there’s no excuse not to be prepared; this is no Caledonia-style surprise.

Read the full story here

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