Shots ring out at protest site

Posted: May 19, 2007 in Caledonia, DCE, FantinoGate, Headlines, June 29th 2007, Land claims, Natives, Terrorism

 UPDATE: 06/12/07  Since the time of this post, we have learned that the shooting took place at an illegal smoke shop just outside of Caledonia. The incident started on DCE where the OPP observed but failed to stop an armed Native screaming death threats, but the actual shooting itself took place off of Douglas Creeks Estates. Someone was kind enough to point out to me that this story is incorrect as in fact the Native did not fire any shots on DCE. He proceeded to a smoke shop just outside of town where he blew a hole through someones arm with an AK-47 which is a prohibited weapon in Canada. The story below remains as posted when I received it.

Gunshots rang out yesterday at the site of a simmering native land dispute in Caledonia, leaving one person hurt and another under arrest.

Ontario Provincial Police released few details about the shooting, but a local citizens’ group believed it happened in a cut-rate cigarette shop that opened on disputed land native protesters have occupied since February 2006.

Caledonia is bracing for a weekend of unrest: On last year’s Victoria Day weekend, native protesters rammed a vehicle into a transformer, cutting power to large swaths of Norfolk and Haldimand counties for 36 hours.

Others are especially tense about the upcoming national native day of protest June 29.

The publisher of the Grand River Sachem, a Caledonia newspaper, says more squatters are camping on the land and residents are growing more and more upset with the perceived inaction of Premier Dalton McGuinty.

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