The truth will always rise and be heard – A Resident’s point of view

Posted: May 20, 2007 in Caledonia, DCE, Land claims, Natives, Residents, Terrorism

I received this from a Caledonia resident this morning who has sent it to every media outlet in the area (and beyond), and every council member of Caledonia. It will be interesting to see how many of them publish his comments, or if a strong voice from within Caledonia will simply be ignored.

These are not my words. No using the excuse that they came from an ‘Outsider’.

 May 18 – CTV News- Report of Church & School

At the end you of the video you will here the words ( They will not leave the crown land till there is a Fair settlement !! Is this NOT admitting this is OUR land!

There Land is Not for sell: right so it does have a price: nice to know they sold their soles to the Devil him self!! We knew this all along!!!

I say give them nothing but the MILITARY BOOT!!! They will take the CASH and then one day come back and do it all over again!!!

Now Canadian’s: how do feel about our future generation’s: myself it’s clear mother bear comes to mind!!! Go touch on of her cub’s if you dare!! These Radical Native’s have priority over even our children: the Notre Dame school has prove that: last year when NO one cared!!

I was told by a person who has a good memory this: Mr. Harper’s first day in power he walked his children to school it was on CH TV NEWS too!!

Now would Mr. Harper walk his children to Notre Dame School knowing there could be a LOCK DOWN without RCMP protection too: only the lying OPP??? Then Mr. Harper YOUR kids could be traumatized like our’s except they would not go through what theses BRAVE kids did: I am talking about 2006 the year NO one heard their cry’s but their own parent’s!!!!! HOW SAD!!!!!!!

To Notre Dame School: you can only lie so many time’s: parent’s WILL catch on you know!!! Craig Grice what he said was right but it will only work once you know: next time well who know’s??

With GUNS (rifle how far does it’s bullet travel 5 to 6 miles) on the DCE maybe the fence needs to be BULLET PROOF!!!!

Safety first RIGHT: Mr. Harper and Mr. McGutless!!

The TRUTH will alway’s rise and be heard: why? it’s simple. GOD’S make sure it does!!!!


Jim Smith
Caledonia Ont.

I will be glad to pass along any thoughts to Mr. Smith that the mainstream media may have on why they can excuse not running this editorial.

Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia Wakeup Call
  1. Lisa Parent says:

    The report is actually CTV News. I know since I was the one that recorded it.

  2. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Good catch Lisa. It’s fixed.
    It’s a disturbing report in my opinion as it shows a new trend. the media is now being kept at bay by the OPP to appease the terorrists. I for one don’t believe one word Paula Wright says.
    The media was kept away so they couldn’t report on what was really happening. Just the propaganda the OPP fed them.

  3. stewart says:

    They won’t leave crown land till there is a fair settlement? Does that include not leaving for food and supplies? Correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t they all upset when some residents tried to stop some of them from leaving last year? Boy, I bet it’s great getting your way all the time.

  4. mike west says:

    i firmly believe for the first time it is better for everyone just too sit back and let the native occupiers bury themselves in stupidity.

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