Posted: May 21, 2007 in Deseronto, Headlines, Land claims, Natives

by Mark Bourrie

 had an interesting visit yesterday with the people occupying the gravel/fossil quarry at Deseronto.

Just a few notes:

* The occupation of the quarry may, in the near term, be a mistake.

* The people occupying the property are dedicated to staying for a while.

* There doesn’t seem to be much interest in the so-called stand-off from non-Native officials. There’s no sign of the OPP or RCMP (not that they’d do much, anyway).

* People at the occupation make varying claims of aboriginal ownership. The “cause” of the dispute is not clear. They couldn’t explain anything about the size of their original land grant.

* The Tayindiniga Mohawk territory is one of the most prosperous reserves I’ve seen. It’s one of the few Indian reserves I’ve seen where the Native people are about as well-off as the non-Natives around them. the Mohawks of Tayindiniga, make the best of their tax-free status.

Read the full story and much more at


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