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Oka 1990. A 21 part, 74 minute video series about the Terrorist occupation in Quebec by Natives which saw a police officer murdered is now online.

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The Globe and Mail reported yesterday that Indian Affairs Minister Jim Prentice is considering handing over some aboriginal land claims to an independent body for resolution. The minister said on CTV’s Question Period that Ottawa currently “serves as the defendant, and the judge, and the jury and the research body,” in claims settlements. He wants to change that.

The news was greeted with cautious optimism at Six Nations, which has been involved in negotiations with Ottawa and Queen’s Park for more than a year over the disputed former Douglas Creek Estates in Caledonia.

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Turtle Island News

Reclamation site supporters rushed to put out bales of hay that were set on fire at the site Monday night, by a group of youths that sources said have virtually “taken over the site,” despite concerns raised by adult supporters of the land reclamation.

Monday’s fire is just one in a series of incidents that have caused long time adult supporters to leave as clanmothers are unable to control youth at the site.

In addition to the fire, a young man is recovering from neck injuries after he was struck with a crowbar during an internal scuffle at the land reclamation site last Tuesday.

Monday night OPP contacted Reclamation adult supporters when shortly after 8 p.m. a fire was spotted on the site.

One site supporter said the young men set the bales on fire because, “the OPP were looking at us.”

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As thousand of people poured into the Gaylord Powless Arena on Monday for the usual lineups for hunks of bread and cheese, they heard rousing refrains from the Hamilton Pipe Band and the Oneida Indian Marching and Concert Band from the Oneida of the Thames First Nation near London.

They also heard speeches from a succession of politicians who referred to the unrest over unresolved land claims that continues to rise since natives seized the former Douglas Creek Estates property in Caledonia in February 2006, in what they call a “land reclamation.”

Confederacy Chief Arnie General warned the crowd that “money is the main motivator” in a recent expansion of non-native settlement on native territory subject to longstanding land claims along the Grand River.“We have to stand up for our rights or we’ll have nothing in the coming years,” he said. “If you want that, join them. It you don’t, stand up.”

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No one really seems to be saying… but is this why a man was shot in Caledonia last week?

CALEDONIA — A smoke shop that was the site of a shooting Thursday afternoon was set up without Six Nations band council or Confederacy approval. The council rents the land to a Six Nations farmer, but Henhawk is a supporter of the traditional Confederacy and believes he does not need permission from the council to set up his cigarette hut.

As well as his disregard for even aboriginal law, Mr. Henhawk, like many of his native compatriots, apparently has some anger management issues…

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