13 OPP officers cleared over Caledonia incident

Posted: May 24, 2007 in Caledonia, Corruption, DCE, FantinoGate, Headlines, Land claims, Natives, OPP, Propaganda, Terrorism

An Ottawa police investigation has absolved 13 OPP officers of inappropriate activity during a June 2006 incident at the Caledonia aboriginal standoff, the provincial force announced yesterday.

The officers were accused of ignoring the pleas of two CHTV camera operators who were assaulted on June 9 while filming an altercation with an older couple near a shopping area. One of them was swarmed, beaten and had his equipment stolen. Stitches were needed to close a head wound. The cameramen claimed the officers who witnessed the assault did nothing to stop it.

Edit: This is a clear announcement that it’s perfectly acceptable for the OPP to stand around watching people viciously assaulted and do absoloutely NOTHING. One more smack in the face (more like shot with a sledgehammer this time) to Democracy and Justice.

Read the full story here


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