Interview with Hagersville resident who removed a Native Flag from the new occupation site

Posted: May 24, 2007 in Hagersville, Headlines, Home Grown Terrorism in Canada, Jeff's Blogs, Natives, OPP, Residents, Terrorism

Late this afternoon, the Native Terrorists who had occupied the site of what was to be a retirement home vacated the premesis with the claim ” we’ve proved our point. ” I was specifically told by an OPP Seargent that he was going to ask the Natives to remove a flag they had placed on a fence post as it was on private property. The same Seargent then proceeded to threaten me with a lawsuit if I published his videotaped statement for the public to see.

I did not witness this Seargent asking the Natives to remove the flag, but if he did, they showed him the same kind of respect that he showed me. None! They did not remove their flag.

A resident of Hagersville took it upon himself to remove the flag after all of this and although I have the removal of the flag as well as a brief interview with him on tape,  I’m not going to release it because I’m sure the same OPP who have been enforcing 2 tiered justice for at least 15 years now (Ipperwash), would love to get their hands on him.

So here is a transcript of the brief interview I did with him immediately after he removed the Native flag.

Q. You just removed the Native flag. Do you have anything to say about that?

A. No, I just don’t feel that it’s appropriate that they can post their flags and won’t allow us to do our own.

Q. Are you concerned about retribution from the OPP or the Natives?

A. More the OPP. They’ve already warned me but I’m not looking for any trouble. I just want this Two Tiered Justice system ended.

Q. And what is your name sir?

A. Ommited to protect this person from the OPP.

Q. Thank you very much

I spent some time chatting with residents of Hagersville today and found them to be very friendly people who are very concerned about the impact of an Illegal Terrorist occupation like DCE on their community. As a Canadian I sincerely wish I could tell them that their government and their police force will protect them, but that simply isn’t going to happen.

One thing I can assure the residents of Hagersville of is that Caledonia Wakeup Call will not abandon them and will make sure their voice continues to be heard no matter how hard the OPP try to oppress it.

Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia Wakeup Call
  1. mike west says:

    i,ve been through caledonia on a daily basis and see what asses these terrorists are. now they move to the next town over with no problem or interference from the opp which is typical. thanks for all the info i read it on a daily basis.when will the joke in haldimand end??????

  2. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for weighing in.

    There are 2 possibilities that I can see right now for when and how this will end.

    1. John Tory smashes McGuinty in the fall election and lives up to his promise of law and order.

    2. McGuinty somehow manages re-election or John Tory does not live up to his promise and it ends with our government kissing the feet of Terrorists and giving them absoloutely anything they want, anytime any place.

    With the radical faction of the Natives claiming that all of Canada belongs to them and we are all immigrants who should go back to Europe, the clear message is that placating these people by giving them what they want will lead to chaos on a scale like nothing this part of the world has ever seen.


  3. Stewart says:

    Let me ask a question that doesn’t need to be answered. If the protestors say they are only interested in speeding up the land claims in court (that they don’t respect or recognize) what happens if the courts rule against them? I guess they just leave, right?
    I try to be optimistic but I really can’t see this ending well. For ANYBODY.

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