OPP threatens to sue if I dare to show you this Video

Posted: May 25, 2007 in Hagersville, Headlines, Home Grown Terrorism in Canada, Jeff's Blogs, OPP, Top Posts

Fantino’s new “We’ll sue you” policy is now actively being followed by OPP officers.

Listen to an OPP Sergeant threaten to sue me for showing you this video.

Please note the following:

The reason you’re looking at this guy’s shoulder instead of his face for the better part of the clip is because I moved the camera onto my shoulder in order to do this guy the courtesy of looking him in the eyes while we spoke.

Note how polite I was to this officer from start to finish. Even after he started threatening me, I continued to call him “sir” while asking for his name and badge number.

If he wants to try to hide behind the claim that we were on private property, then I will explain why that is. I had just finished watching him brush off residents of Hagersville who were asking him about the Mohawk flag hanging from a fence post and their right to hang a Candian one. He walked off to go speak with Illegal occupiers instead. This is the type of behavior that some of us have seen enough of and will no longer tolerate, so I followed him to get an answer to a very legitimate question.

Notice how he tries to brush me off with his threat and then leave to go talk to the illegal occupiers. He seemed suprised that I would dare to do anything but dissapear and be intimidated into silence by his threat.

You sir are a public servant, and I am a member of the public. If you are so ashamed of your statements that you feel the need to threaten me in order to keep people from hearing them, you should consider a different career choice.

I’m sure the Sgt. whom I am still giving the courtesy of not naming publicly at this time is watching and reading this. Consider yourself and every other member of the OPP on notice as of this moment. No member of Caledonia Wakeup Call is going to give in to petty intimidation tactics, and if you choose to mistreat the public who are paying your salary, we will hold you accountable.

Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia Wakeup Call
  1. Elizabeth Hutchison says:

    And so our numbers grow! Jeff, God bless. opp (I refuse to use caps for them) are bullies with guns. You are a dedicated man and you have earned the respect of each and every person who is fighting two tiered justice. Just be careful. Elizabeth Hutchison

  2. Jim Smith says:

    If the OPP want to act like an ass: they need to be video taped!!!How else would you get anyone to believe you!!! Like I have been saying all along but NO proof!!!

    Canadian’s needs to see first hand the lack of respect the OPP have for the people of Ontario!!!

    Jeff I was proud to work with you: you are a good detective great job: noticing small details other would miss!!! Like noticing the native coffee cup: on the fence!!!

    Till the next time: you know how to contact me!!!! 😉

    Jim smith

  3. Lisa Parent says:

    The point of the piece is Jeff that it was private property and yet the OPP let the natives put their flags up. This same officer also stated that it was an illegal occupation. Is he then saying that he supports illegal occupations and is prepared to assist the illegal occupiers to invade private property?

    He is so stupid you have to feel sorry for him. Well maybe not!

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