HAGERSVILLE — “See you at the next construction site.” With a bandanna over his face, (EDIT: COWARD) the words from the “Mohawk Warrior” didn’t sound like they were meant to be a joke.

There may not be another construction site in Haldimand County for awhile since protestors here yesterday made it very clear if there is one they don’t approve of, you will see red Mohawk flags.

In other words it’s the Mohawk Warrior who is in charge down here. Just ask developer Dan Valentini. “Everything I have is in that land,” he said, as he agreed to send his construction crew home in exchange for protesters to leave.

To translate into taxpayers English what is really being said is “Mr. McGuinty break out the chequebook because you may have to buy another piece of land on behalf of Ontarians.” The whole thing is an outrage. Perhaps ask the premier about it at an Ottawa Senators Stanley Cup Final game where you may find him in the owner’s luxury box — probably not far from vote opportunistic Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who should be back after his latest photo op with the troops in Afghanistan while gas prices rise and land claims fester.

This whole thing is a mess, brought on but gutless leadership and equally as despicable acts of anarchy by some self-appointed native “representatives” — a few of whom were trying to pass themselves off as chiefs and elders when all they really were was acting like punks.

Read the full article here  Way to go Toronto Sun! Be sure to go check out the rest of this one folks!

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