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May 26, 2007:

I am getting tired of the OPP not doing their job in Caledonia, and with Julian Fantino making up excuses. The reason the OPP will not enforce the law in Caledonia is because of the tragedy at Ipperwash.

And it was a tragedy; now the OPP are afraid to confront any native people, even those who break the law right in front of their places. It was a tragedy that Dudley George was killed and it should not have happened, but the OPP are now an ineffectual police force as far as it comes to native disputes.

I say get the OPP out of Caledonia for that reason and bring in the RCMP. The natives themselves have stated that the only police force they recognize is the RCMP, so replacing the OPP with the RCMP would ensure the law is upheld on both sides of the dispute.

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I know I’m not the most knowledgable person when it comes to trying to figure out native land claims but I speak from the heart when I say there has to be an end to the dispruptions before someone else is killed.

I do know that the natives are perpetuating unfair hardships on all Canadians with their demands. They’ve taken away a sense of peace and security that we shouldn’t have to deal with in the year 2007 for something our ancestors did 200 years ago.

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(May 25, 2007)

Native protesters forced a work stoppage at a Hagersville subdivision early Wednesday morning.

Early reports indicated the protesters were acting alone and did not represent the elected Six Nations Band Council nor the Hereditary Chiefs Council. “They didn’t tell us not to,” said self-appointed native spokesperson Dawn Smith who addressed a small group of media at approximately 9:30 am Wednesday morning.

“Our protest is with the government of Canada, not the people of Hagersville,” she said. She claimed the construction site was part of the Plank Road land claim even though the site is located well outside six miles from the Grand River which forms the boundary of the disputed Haldimand Tract.

Haldimand Mayor Marie Trainer said she was not totally surprised by the occupation even though it is located outside of the Haldimand Tract. “I think all of Canada is on their radar screen,” she said.

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By Gary McHale 

This week marks the death of Two Tier Justice in Ontario, but Fantino, McGuinty and Native Protesters are too blind to read the death certificate.

We have seen for the past year how a small group of Native people took it upon themselves to attack the very foundation of any democratic society and that is the “Rule of Law”. They were emboldened by the complete failure of the OPP in Ipperwash to enforce any Law & Order and the 15+ years of appeasement only lead to Caledonia, Grassy Narrows, Deseronto and Hagersville.

The untold thousands of victims created by this small band of Native Protesters would have gone unnoticed by the people of Ontario because Main Stream Media would have avoided covering the stories. This is why CaledoniaWakeUpCall was created.

For the Media, it didn’t want to be labeled as racist. We see this week how Mark on CHTV Live was called a racist because he believes that when crimes are committed people (any people) should go to jail.

Why did Fantino fail in his attempt to slander me? Why did Fantino fail to control the media and create endless B.S. propaganda about what was happening? The reasons are quite simple.

First, I present the Truth and therefore Fantino, McGuinty, Tory, etc., etc. were fighting to present lies to the public.

Second, I relied on human nature to take its course.

Fantino and the Politicians were putting their trust in the very people who were committing the crimes. They were hoping and maybe even praying that these people would show some degree of self-control, some degree of understanding that they cannot awaken the Canadian Public to the truth which is that they are out of control.

All we had to do was to wait until these occupations self-exploded into what we now see. The Native Occupiers were creating a movement across Canada that was based on criminal behaviour, violence and on the victimization of innocent residents. Such a movement could only end one way and that is in the complete lawlessness we now see.

In Turtle Island News last week we read that the Clan Mothers and Chiefs do not go onto DCE in Caledonia because they are afraid – welcome to the world of the residents.

It appeared okay by many Native leaders that the victims of these violent Land Claims were non-Native, but now that they are also afraid of them it appears to be a different story.

I personally cannot understand why Fantino would believe that any politician would be steadfast on anything. But it appears that he has hooked his future to McGuinty’s propaganda machine in an attempt to get McGuinty re-elected.

Does he really think with an election coming that McGuinty will fall on his own sword to save him? The writing is on the wall and Fantino has failed to enforce the law, failed to end Two Tier Justice and failed to close down CaledoniaWakeUpCall.

It wasn’t for the lack of trying – numerous press releases and statements in the media by Fantino to slander me, secret understandings with Haldimand County to get people not to listen to us, and even a lawsuit…

Sorry Fantino, you failed. You backed the criminals instead of the law abiding citizens of this province. You used slander and intimidation instead of Truth and Justice.

Fantino somehow believed that his rants, his character assassinations, his slander, his bullying, his strong arm tactics would have an affect on me.  It was down right funny to watch him call in the London Riot Team on Jan. 20th to stop peaceful people from keeping themselves warm by a fire on Chris’ property. It was quite amazing to witness him hide out at Unity Road and peek around the corner of the window to see us outside confronting the Ontario Chief Bully.

Fantino was reduced to a joke which only caused him to self-explode when he sent out his email rant. Since then he is no where to be found.

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Definitely a turning point in Canadian history. Stephane Dione, the leader of the Liberals (yes the same party McGuinty represents) tells Natives the following: ” I count on the leaders of the Six Nations to not use unlawful means to negotiate ”

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