The Hamilton Spectator

May 26, 2007:

I am getting tired of the OPP not doing their job in Caledonia, and with Julian Fantino making up excuses. The reason the OPP will not enforce the law in Caledonia is because of the tragedy at Ipperwash.

And it was a tragedy; now the OPP are afraid to confront any native people, even those who break the law right in front of their places. It was a tragedy that Dudley George was killed and it should not have happened, but the OPP are now an ineffectual police force as far as it comes to native disputes.

I say get the OPP out of Caledonia for that reason and bring in the RCMP. The natives themselves have stated that the only police force they recognize is the RCMP, so replacing the OPP with the RCMP would ensure the law is upheld on both sides of the dispute.

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