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CANADA IS A NATION OF IMMIGRANTS: the world’s most international society. Canada is making huge strides in eliminating racism, and promoting true equality.Sadly, one group refuses to accept the reality of Canada. These are the Indians, or Natives, or Aboriginals, or whatever the politically-correct term happens to be. They constitute fewer than four per cent of 30 million Canadians, but they cause great problems.

They refuse to accept the fact that they are immigrants, too, and that there were no truly original inhabitants of America.

Their myth is that they lived in harmony with nature, but, in fact, they were merely existing! Most tribes failed to thrive in either agriculture or manufacturing. They simply survived, killing wildlife and gathering wild nuts and berries.

Canada allows them to claim vast tracks of land for their exclusive use, but it’s never enough. Canada allows them to live a totally subsidised life on their reserves, never having to work if they choose not to.

Canada gives them every possible opportunity for education. Canada gives them special access to employment. The “natives” are never satisfied with the reparations they continue to receive, and they regularly denounce all other Canadians as “racist”.

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Monte Sonnenberg
Monday May 28, 2007
Simcoe Reformer

It’s impossible to say when it happened, but somewhere along the way buck-passing became a defining characteristic of this country’s political culture.

Anytime our federal and provincial leaders are put to the test, the discussion degenerates into an endless round of finger-pointing. The people of Haldimand and beyond are certainly paying a hefty price for this. It’s been at work for 15 long months during the native standoff in Caledonia.

The weaklings at Queen’s Park responded by reining in police and promising the lawbreakers that the province would not call in the military. The province then appealed an entirely reasonable cease-and-desist order from a judge in Cayuga. Having created an absolute power vacuum, the province tosses this hot potato into the lap of the federal government. But with the province capitulating, Ottawa has no leverage. Where are the federal government’s bargaining chips?

Aboriginal Canadians will not end up with six miles on either side of the Grand River….

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In a suprising interview, Dalton McGuinty allowed himself to actually be asked about the upcoming day of Terrorism June 29th 2007. As the premier of Ontario, we should be able to look to him now for leadership during what we know are going to be increasingly tough times.

Sadly he has made it even more evident that we can not and should not trust him, because he has no idea what’s going on, and is only now addressing this because his opponent John Tory is running on a campaign that involves actual law and order.

Those who enjoyed  “Interview with Julian Fantino regarding Caledonia & 2 Tiered Justice” are likely to enjoy this. I’ll quote him verbatim and save my commentary for later.  

 Disclaimer: The interview you are about to read is 100% real. This is not a parody on my part. Mistakes in spelling reflect precisely the way Mr. McGuinty spoke the word, and mistakes in Grammar are his statements transcribed verbatim. 

When asked on CTV Question period point blank “what are you going to do about this” (the threat of a summer of railway shutdowns and promise of chaos at the hands of Mohawk warriors) McGuinty had this to say: