In a suprising interview, Dalton McGuinty allowed himself to actually be asked about the upcoming day of Terrorism June 29th 2007. As the premier of Ontario, we should be able to look to him now for leadership during what we know are going to be increasingly tough times.

Sadly he has made it even more evident that we can not and should not trust him, because he has no idea what’s going on, and is only now addressing this because his opponent John Tory is running on a campaign that involves actual law and order.

Those who enjoyed  “Interview with Julian Fantino regarding Caledonia & 2 Tiered Justice” are likely to enjoy this. I’ll quote him verbatim and save my commentary for later.  

 Disclaimer: The interview you are about to read is 100% real. This is not a parody on my part. Mistakes in spelling reflect precisely the way Mr. McGuinty spoke the word, and mistakes in Grammar are his statements transcribed verbatim. 

When asked on CTV Question period point blank “what are you going to do about this” (the threat of a summer of railway shutdowns and promise of chaos at the hands of Mohawk warriors) McGuinty had this to say:

“ Well uhhh my advice to our umm uh uh First Nations leaders would be uh let’s allow cooler heads to prevail. (thinking).. Let’s uh of course um umm indulge in our cherished freedom of expression, you wanna protest? That’s fine, (big hand gestures for emphasis) that’s one of the things that we fought for. Umm to ensure we can all avail ourselves of this opportunity to give expression to concerns. But let’s uh respect the law ah while we do so. Let’s not compromise Uhhh economic activity (more hand gestures) .. Uhhh and at the same time while we .. offer these.. the.. this advice uh let’s .. working with the federal government, let’s look for a way to accelerated uh the the process by which we settle these 800 plus outstanding land claims. Let’s find a uh a way to do that that puts in place a panel or um a separate authority that’s not clearly conflicted as the Federal Government is at present when it comes to settling situations.

Q. Are you going to allow some of the Native leaders to blackmail governments? Are we going to have the police out in force to stop them if they try to block the 401?

A. I I I’m confident that umm ummm the police certainly in Ontario will do what they need to do in order to uphold the law, and I fully expect that the various police services throughout the Country will do the same. But there’s a heavy responsibility here placed on the Federal Government  this Is after all a National Day of Protest. Uh and when it comes to these land claims issues overwhelmingly, Provinces and Territories are caught up uh in Peace Keeping uh missions trying to settle the dispute, often disputes that pre date Confederation between the Federal Government and the First Nations community. So .. I place a heavy weight on the shoulders of the Prime Minister, Now he didn’t create this this uh circumstance now where we have over 800 land claims that remain unsettled. He didn’t create the process which means it takes forever and a day to settle these kind of things… But he is in a position now to change this process, and I am more than willing to sit down, work work with him or whomever in the Federal Government to help develop a better process.

End of Interview.

WOW! UHhhhh where to start?

It’s fine to protest (and with big hand gestures at that!) but when Caledonia Wakeup Call wants to hang a flag that’s a riot squad situation. Who has the conflict of interest here?

He told the Natives to behave themselves on June 29th so there’s no need to worry right? He also told them he would not negotiate with them while DCE was occupied, and returned to the table almost instantly. He has proven that he not only can’t keep his promises to the public, he also can’t keep his threats to criminals.

Don’t believe for one second that any Terrorist thinking of acting on June 29th cares about what McGuinty might do because they already know what he’ll do. He’ll buy any land they illegally seize, and allow them to live there with houses, and utilities all paid for by our tax dollars. He’ll bribe them with land that may already be privately owned to get them to take down illegal barricades, and like a lovers quarrel he will never walk away from them for more than 1 day.

What exactly is this conflict the Federal Government has? It’s that they have no authority to act on DCE which was ruled to be an invalid land claim in 2006 because McGuinty took that away from them by purchasing it!Why does it take “forever and a day” to settle land claims? The Federal Government has sat at the table and told the Natives that they want to settle a number of legal, valid land claims with them and the Natives said no. They don’t want to settle valid claims because that would mean time spent doing something other than arguing about the claim of DCE which doesn’t exist. Native refusal to accept the simple answer of No to any one of their 800 claims is the reason it takes “forever and a day” to settle Native land claims.

Dalton is confident that the OPP will uphold the law? When did they set this precedent that leaves McGuinty so confident? In Ipperwash when they abandoned the town and residents including those who were elderly and infirmed because they were terrified of the Natives? In Caledonia where they have witnessed thousands of criminal actions take place and refused to intervene? In Deseronto when they kept their distance and refused to remove the bus illegally blocking CN rail for 30 hours? Or was it just last week in Hagersville where the OPP threatened a civilian with a lawsuit if he dared to release a video of an officer making a statement, then helped criminals erect an illegal barricade on private property? Saying you are confident that the OPP will enforce the law when the criminals are Natives is like saying you are confident that Dalton McGuinty will keep a promise not to raise taxes.

It is not the job of the OPP to act as peace keepers at the expense of law and order despite what Mr. McGuinty would like us to believe. If that were indeed their job they would be called “Peace Keepers” instead of Police.

With a national day of Terrorism scheduled for June 29th, campaign season on the horizon, and John Tory making his first campaign promise that he will uphold law and order, McGuinty had no choice but to try to confront the issue. The problem is, he has no idea what he’s talking about as he has never done anything but make matters worse in Caledonia.

History and current events both prove that the OPP will do nothing to stop Native Terrorists from attacking our economy throughout the summer, and Dalton doesn’t want that chasing him everywhere he goes to campaign, so he’s desperately trying to appease the Terrorists into backing down.

He truly is trying to cloak himself from any blame long enough to either be re elected in which case we’ll be stuck with him for 4 more years no matter how much he fails us, or until he is beaten by John Tory who will no doubt have to tolerate some political heat and opposition when he actually brings down the hammer of justice.

If you peek under that thin veil of nonsense he’s trying to shove down our throats, it’s plain to see that Canada is at the crossroads right now. We are on the verge of being attacked by a group of people our Police force and Government is terrified of, and what we do now will set the tone for future generations of Canadians.

Do we want our children, and their children to grow up in a Canada that is run by a small group of thugs who control our Government with fear?

Stay tuned to for the latest as Canada faces this crisis, and rest assured that anytime McGuinty inserts his foot in his mouth, we will be covering it.  

Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia Wakeup Call
  1. WL Mackenzie Redux says:

    McGuinty is a spent political force….even swamping us in knee-deep Kinsella-styled PR BS at election time can wipe the stench of cowardice and betrayal off this simpering pencil neck of a premier….frankly, Ontario has had a so-called leadership vacuum for 4 years…the only definitive decisions this Premier has made is to renege on his election promises and firmly pass his responsibilities on to the federal government.

    There is a phrasal idiom that describes what our Premier engages in: it’s called “ducking responsibility” and “evading the demands of office”.

    There has not been such a pathetic and inept Premier of this province in living memory…one would have to crack the history books to recall an elected body in Canada being this abject of duty and dytopian. Ontario is in a constitutional crisis with this Premier and his regime…he has surrendered the rule of law to capricious political expediency and undermined the roll of the courts and deeding system in legitimate property tort processses….as well his actions have compromised the personal property of millions of Canadian living in FN claims areas.

    Hurling him from office in October is not good enough to settle the affront he has created in breech of public trust and deriliction of oath….charges for malfeasance should be struck against McGuinty by the people of the province.

  2. Another great post, Jeff!

    Mark Vandermaas

  3. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Thanks Mark!

    WL, I agree wholeheartedly, but remember that we have to start somewhere, and simply giving the average Ontarian the knowledge to see past this trash heap of a campaign he’s trying to build is a good start.

    If we can get him hurled from office, and John Tory shows everyone what McGuinty should have done by example, then maybe we’ll get enough outrage from the previously uneducated public (not because they necessarily chose to be uneducated, but because they had faith in their elected official who took heinous advantage of that) we could one day see him have to answer for his actions.

    The highlighted Uh Ummm I I I etc in his interview is not just because it’s funny. It shows that going on National television for an interview, he really was not sure what he should say about this nightmare. Generally McGuinty is well prepared to deliver his lies with ultimate efficiency. This time he dropped the ball BIG time.

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