Monte Sonnenberg
Monday May 28, 2007
Simcoe Reformer

It’s impossible to say when it happened, but somewhere along the way buck-passing became a defining characteristic of this country’s political culture.

Anytime our federal and provincial leaders are put to the test, the discussion degenerates into an endless round of finger-pointing. The people of Haldimand and beyond are certainly paying a hefty price for this. It’s been at work for 15 long months during the native standoff in Caledonia.

The weaklings at Queen’s Park responded by reining in police and promising the lawbreakers that the province would not call in the military. The province then appealed an entirely reasonable cease-and-desist order from a judge in Cayuga. Having created an absolute power vacuum, the province tosses this hot potato into the lap of the federal government. But with the province capitulating, Ottawa has no leverage. Where are the federal government’s bargaining chips?

Aboriginal Canadians will not end up with six miles on either side of the Grand River….

Read the full article here

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