This is the message being loudly and clearly sent to anyone considering any sort of Development these days. When it was DCE, the excuse was a 200 year old land claim which supposedly puts the ownership of anything within 6 Miles of the Grand River in the hands of Natives. The claim has long been proven to be untrue by Ottawa (as it relates to DCE at least) but the land remains occupied 15 months later with no end in sight, and the OPP playing bodyguard to the Terrorists at our expense.  

A recent attempt by a developer to pave a nearby Church parking lot and improve the drainage system was met with a group of masked Terrorists storming the site, demanding the job be halted, and then refusing to allow the construction crew to leave with their equipment. 

Last week, construction was set to begin on a retirement home in nearby Hagersville, when masked Terrorists showed up, and refused to leave unless the developer agreed to abandon the project. As always the OPP stood and watched. In fact this time they even assisted the criminals in building an illegal barricade at the entrance. The site in Hagersville is not within 6 miles of the Grand River, so the same excuse couldn’t be used.

This time we were told by the Terrorists who apparently now dictate the terms of any new development anywhere they want to claim as their own, that they have a claim of “Plank Road” better known to us as Highway 6 which runs from Port Dover in Norfolk County, to Hamilton.

In Toronto there is reason to believe they may be set to occupy a 7 Hectare parcel of land on the banks of the Rouge River if anyone should try to develop there, because there is a rumor with no facts to prove it that there was an Iroquois village there 700 years ago.

In Quebec there may be occupations at the Mirabel Airport site. In Deseronto they launched an Occupation and a 30 hour Rail blockade out of concern for some rocks in a Quarry. Would anyone like to try to build anything in or near Deseronto right now? The mayor has stated that developers previously interested in the area have decided to take their money elsewhere because of a group of Native terrorists whom our Government and police force are too cowardly to deal with.

They have put Walmart on notice that they will occupy if they try to build in Dunnville, and a developer in York is facing similar threats. Let’s not forget veiled threats against Brantford recently.  A Nation wide day of Terrorism has been scheduled and loudly announced by Natives across Canada for June 29th 2007. When asked what he was going to do about this, Dalton McGuinty said he hopes the Natives will not break the law. That was his answer. Way to set an example and show us all what leadership is about Dalton! Let’s all hide and hope they just go away.

It’s not just land anymore that they seek to use to threaten us. CBC reported today that Manitoba Chiefs want the Manitoba Telephone company to pay them for phone signals that pass through air space the Natives claim to own. Yes you read that correctly folks. They want payment for cell phone signals crossing through their AIR. Terrorists now think they own the air in Canada, and can bill us for it’s use.

As we all anxiously await a scheduled press release that the Federal Government is planning to spend Millions of dollars today to Appease Terrorists in the hopes that they will back off on June 29th, I contemplate one simple question.

If what I have just listed accounts for 7 land claims and now one claim of air, just how much of this Country do they intend to steal from us by force? They claim to have over 800 outstanding land claims and their method of solving them is becoming extremely clear. Terrorism.

If you live in Haldimand County, Norfolk County, Hamilton, Toronto, Deseronto, or anywhere near this Airport in Quebec, you now know any attempt at construction may well be met with Terrorists who will shut it down while the OPP stands by watching and helping them build barricades to keep you off of your own land. 

Where in Canada exactly is it still safe to build without the threat of a Native Terrorist Occupation? What will be left of our Country when they are finished if we continue to let them have their way?

 Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia Wakeup Call
  1. John Newton says:

    Great piece Jeff,
    I hope that the native terrorists attack right across Canada on June 29th, so that everyone can get a taste of what the people of Caledonia have been experiencing for over a year. We need our pathetic government to bring in the military and take action against the natives.

  2. Our country is at a dangerous crossroads. One leads to civil war. The other leads to a Canada where all citizens are equal and live together under the rule of law. I fear that our politicians are determined to choose the wrong road.

    Mark Vandermaas, Editor

  3. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    John I agree our Government needs to take action but I hope it won’t take the entire Country coming under attack to make it happen. It appears they are content to let countless more towns and quite literally countless citizens suffer before they will make any sort of move.

    Mark I share your fear my friend. The announcement tonight that the Feds are offering to hand Six Nations $125 Million to settle just 2 of the 26 filed claims, and more than 800 supposed claims is in my opinion a giant flashing sign that we may already be past the Crossroads and headed down the wrong road. A dead end road where once you hit the end, you turn around and masked Natives refuse to let you leave.

  4. Stewart says:

    I was just thinking, seeing as the politicians are willing to abandon our beloved country, why don’t we just start a new one? We’re watching a proven blueprint for it unfold everyday.
    But if we do, we’ll need to start on a Saturday , I’m busy working from Monday to Friday. Alot of people depend on my tax dollars and I’d hate to let them down.

  5. WL Mackenzie Redux says:

    Appeasing extortionists only encourages more extortion. Canada’s national character of compromise is misplaced in dealing with clearly hostile and militant forces.

    Rediculous claims and extortionist violence deserve not compromise, but counter insurgency action…there is no compromise possible with terrorists or extortionists…then again, Quebec is living proof this nation is held hostage to extrortion…but we did not allow separatist terrorism to go unanswered.

  6. John Edwards says:

    If I was the prime minister of Canada I’d have only two short sentences to all natives.
    (1) Get a job
    (2) Get a life

    We can’t afford the welfare for life program any longer, and we surely can’t continue to put up with the terrorist activities. Natives keep talking about “200 years”, is that how long they’ve been unable to find jobs and fit into the Canadian society? Natives have done nothing to improve their lives for many hundreds of years, and for some strange reason they feel the white man is responsible.

  7. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    You’re getting a bit carried away there John but I feel that frustration driving you.
    That kind of energy can be harnessed by you to do very productive things to actually put a stop to this! There’s a public meeting that will be announced soon and I suggest you attend if possible.
    Better days are coming folks

  8. John Edwards says:

    Thanks for the invitation to attend a public meeting, but I’d probably get kicked or punched out if I attended. The intelligent people who have read or posted comments on this site know down deep in their hearts that the native terrorist attacks will continue, and that they will only be stopped when the police or military decide to start protecting the people being victimized. It is becoming more and more evident that there will be no other alternative for the government, they’ll have to start protecting the public against these terrorist attacks. You all know this is a fact, but I understand why you’re hesitant to indicate that here. I was very fortunate not to be a resident of Caledonia when the terrorists first attacked, as I’d be in jail or dead by now. I’m just one of those people who believe in fighting fire with fire. We can all pray for a miracle, but due to the attitude of native terrorists and their chiefs, there will no doubt be violent clashes in the near future. After the Hagersville attack, and the turning down of 125 million, I’m sure that all police agencies and military officials are presently meeting and preparing an emergency plan, especially for the June 29th weekend.

  9. John Newton says:

    I feel that it is extremely important that Ontarian’s do not think of all Ontario Provincial Police officers as gutless wimps who are afraid to confront aboriginal terrorists. There are many OPP officers who are totally embarrassed that their force is operating a two tier justice system, and would be more than willing to “serve and protect” all civilians who are affected by terrorists activities. It must be very depressing for these officers to be ready and willing to do their jobs, while being held back by incompetent leadership.

    If the OPP is eventually forced into a civil war with aboriginal terrorists, I am sure you’ll see an entirely different police force spring into action. Mr. McGuinty and Julian Fantino have jointly destroyed the OPPs reputation, but some day it will be restored when those two incompetents are gone.

  10. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    I agree it’s safe to assume that what we see in Haldimand does not reflect the personal opinions of all OPP officers, but there have been enough chances for them to step up now in various places for me to personally question the action they will spring into. Caledonia, Deseronto, and Hagersville are all good examples but you’re talking about a Fantino and McGuinty free OPP.

    Neither of them was in power when the OPP abandoned Ipperwash in 1995. If you sift through all of the racist accusations against then Premier Mike Harris you will certainly find that he was not holding the OPP back in any way from doing their jobs.

    Check out the Ipperwash papers and particularly the documents page section A1. When faced with what one could certainly call a civil war with aborignial terrorists, they abandoned the town and told elderly and infirmed residents that they would not come back to help them as they were afraid for their personal safety.

    No doubt there are some OPP officers out there who would stand up to these overgrown weaponized toddlers, but when faced with many chances to do so, the OPP has thus far proven they will not.

    As for Mr. Edwards coment, I think if you look around this site, and you will find that we are not hesitant to indicate our belief that more attacks are imminent and don’t intend to bury our heads in the sand and pray it just goes away.

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