15 Months of illegal occupation, destruction of power station, assaults on residents & media, blockades of railway lines, digging up highway, nightly intimidation of residents and the attempted murder of an OPP officer gets Six Nations $125 Million.

This is Law & Order Harper Style

All our Politicians talk about the “Rule of Law” and that no group is above the Law while OPP stand around watching crimes, and Governments spend Tens of Millions to pay off criminals who threaten a Nation Wide Terrorist Attack on June 29th.

Future Towns will be able to Thank Harper for Encouraging more Terrorism in Canada

The Federal Government has repeatedly told Canadians that Six Nations has no Legal Claim in Caledonia:

So Why Reward Criminal Behaviour with $125 Million?

This is a Conservative Party that Pays Criminals and Terrorists while telling Canadians that such actions are unacceptable.

Resident Victims to Receive $400,000 while Criminal Behaviour is rewarded with $125,000,000.

Why Should Any Canadian Obey the Law?

Story about $125 Million was posted here yesterday. MSM is a day late – Get your news here if you want it fast and reliable.

Canada Needs Leadership

The upside down Canadian Flag in above photo was added as a symbol of a Country in Distress.

Courtesy of www.caledoniawakeupcall.com The #1 Source of land claim Terrorism information on the planet

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