When I first heard of the concept of Political Correctness as a child, I was perplexed. I was told at the time however “when you’re an adult you’ll understand”. At the age of 26, I now understand that it is leading my Country into a living Hell, but I still do not understand why.

To simply fight against 2 tiered justice and terrorism is not enough for me. I want to learn how and why this is happening in what is supposed to be one of the most civilized Countries in the world. Let’s have a look at what Political Correctness is and how it has brought us here.

“Political Correctness is a term used to describe language or behavior which is intended, or said to be intended, to provide a minimum of offense, particularly to racial, cultural, or other identity groups. A text that conforms to the ideals of political correctness is said to be politically correct. The often quoted earliest cited usage of the term (in the form “not politically correct”) comes from the U.S. Supreme Court decision Chisholm v. Georgia (1793), where it clearly means that the statement it refers to is not literally correct, owing to the political status of the United States as it was understood at that time.”  Thank you Wilkipedia for the definition.

So now we have established that Political Correctness is by definition NOT correct. It’s a slanted version of the truth designed to avoid offending anyone, and particularly to pander to minorities. Now let’s see how it brought us to where we are today as it relates to Natives. Due to the number of “incidents” over the years, and the fact that The Ipperwash Papers alone are over 400 pages of evidence, most of my timeline will be drawn from a simple Google search. My use of the word “Terrorist” is meant to reflect NOT Natives, but the extremist splinter cells of people who happen to in these cases be Native who use violence, the threat of violence, and intimidation in order to achieve their political agenda.

March 1990: Kanesatake Mohawk Terrorists set up blockade near Oka, Que., to stop town from expanding golf course onto burial ground. Quebec police officer killed during police raid in July. Standoff ends after 78 days.

Terrorists murder a Police Officer by shooting him in the mouth, and the Federal Government responds by spending 5.5 Million Dollars to purchase the contested land rather than with Military action to remove those responsible. Once it became clear that the local Police couldn’t handle the situation, the RCMP arrives to take over. They were overwhelmed by the Terrorists and had 14 Constables hospitalized. The premier of Quebec at the time Robert Bourassa then forced the Feds to send in the Military by invoking “The emergencies act”. The Military was able to contain, but did not remove the Terrorists. Negotiation eventually ended the standoff and the golf course was never built. I read this long and interesting story (you should too) and I ask why was a group of Terrorists allowed to do this? Why were they not removed by force? The answer is simple. Their race was Native which is a minority thus it would be Politically Incorrect to harm them in any way.

The story of Oka is a very important part of history because it is directly responsible for the development of Canada’s First Nations Policing Policy. A quick search of this policy states the purpose is “created in order for greater sensitivity to the needs of the people of the First Nations” This may be where what we now know as Two Tiered Justice was born.

December 1994: Loose-knit group of two dozen Natives begin month-long occupation of Revenue Canada office in Toronto to protest change in income tax law.

If I gathered 2 dozen fellow non Natives together and we attempted to occupy a Government building to protest income tax, how long would my protest be allowed to last? We would be arrested in minutes, so why were these people not? Because they were Native so it would be Politically Incorrect.

June 1995: Micmacs from Nova Scotia set gill nets in New Brunswick’s Miramichi River and blockade road to native-run fishing camp. Stones thrown at police and one officer thrown in river. Protest ends quietly a month later.

They assaulted the police and were allowed to continue to protest for a month. It would have been Politically Incorrect to stop them.

July 1995: Breakaway group known as Stony Pointers take over Camp Ipperwash Canadian Military base. Military personnel run away from the Terrorists when a school bus was driven into their drill hall by 2 kids. Quote from an article by Diane Francis, The Saturday Sun, August 5, 1995. “in 1993 an Armed Forces helicopter was hit by gunfire, and training was suspended. Since then, the problems multiplied. Gunfire was common place, fences were torn down, trespassing occurred. Stolen cars were stored on the property. This year a building was firebombed, Military Police & civilians were assaulted, weapons fired, and vehicles damaged. The last straw was on July 29th when two kids drove a school bus right into the camp’s drill hall, and got into a fight with Military personnel. Evacuation followed to avoid confrontation”

In the middle of the night, the Canadian Military abandoned the base, and nearby town, to avoid confrontation with terrorists. Why did the Military retreat instead of defending themselves? It would have been Politically Incorrect to engage their attackers in combat because they happened to be Native. At this point the OPP retreated as well leaving the terrorists free to wreak havoc on the innocent citizens of the area. The story of Ipperwash does not start in 1995 however. Far from it. An entire Chronological history of the Terrorism at Ipperwash can be found at www.ipperwashpapers.com/IW-documents.htm

A few accounts of Terrorist activities as reported by Mary-Lou Lapratte. President of the Ontario Federation for Individual Rights & Equality (ONFIRE), and a full time resident of Ipperwash. This is a small fraction of the horror (and not the worst of it) that she has witnessed and testified to. You can find all of it here

In August/91, Natives from kettle point camped out for one week on the front property of Chris King in the west beach. They threatened and harassed his wife, himself, and his children. The OPP did nothing to help him. His wife had a nervous breakdown and Mr. King was even afraid to go on the beach or out alone because of threats to do bodily harm to him. He bought a house in Sarnia shortly after and moved out selling his house to me in June/92 without revealing any of the history of what had occurred with the natives.

In August/93, many residents west beach including myself were harassed by natives calling themselves Warriors, when we had bonfires on our beach property. The natives would arrive and say if we did not get off the beach, they would come back with 50 warriors and force us off. The OPP would not deal with this to our benefit. We were always asked to leave by them (the OPP) and go into our homes.

In February 94, The natives from Kettle Point dumped huge loads of oil filled dirt on the property of Les Cheodore in the west beach area so high that he could not see out of his windows. He came home and found his living room window shot out and .45 caliber bullets embedded in the walls of his home. The Ministry of the Environment was called in to remove the dirt because of the close proximity of the oil to the water, they would do nothing. The dirt remained in his yard until just before the aboriginal solidarity day celebration in June 94. The native claims commission was coming down to Kettle Point and this is why they removed the mess.

In April /94 a Native invaded our home at 2am by climbing up a two storey deck and entering into our bedroom by the patio door on the upper deck. Roland called the OPP. He was told on the phone not to touch the Native in any way. It took the OPP 23 minutes to respond to the call. By that time the Native had left. He just wanted us to know that we could be gotten to at any time.

In August/95 After several incidents of thefts of cars, boat motors, and break and enters in Port Franks occurred that led back to the (occupied Military) base, the Town decided to block the exits off of the base onto Outer Drive the Town Road on the eastern portion of the base. Natives in a brown van on the base shot at the towns work crew. The OPP would not go onto the base to pursue this complaint. My husband saw a brown van pull up to Dudley George’s trailer on the base and five Natives got out armed with rifles, and Dudley George was one of them…

In September 1995 the OPP attempted to take back some control over a situation they had allowed to escalate into a frenzy. This is when the infamous death of Dudley George took place. The same Dudley George who was seen by Roland Lapratte getting out of a van with a rifle in his hand after some or all in the van shot at a town work crew.

The circumstances surrounding the death of Dudley George have remained somewhat of a mystery over the years. He has been made into a Martyr by Terrorists who use his death to create sympathy for their “cause”. The most common misconception people have is that Mr. George was unarmed and innocent of any wrong doing. The full story has yet to be revealed, but we do know at this time that Dudley George was not an innocent bystander. He was part of a violent insurrection by Terrorists who took over both a Military base, and on the night of his death a Provincial Park. Dudley George was killed while in the process of illegally seizing Ipperwash Provincial Park. A Terrorist act being committed by a Terrorist. Natives were seen raking the ground where he fell, as well as removing objects from trees and the fence around the area. If he was an unarmed observer, why were they raking the ground, and what were they removing from the trees and fence?

I am not without sympathy for the family of Mr. George, but I do believe it’s time that someone take off the politically correct glasses and speak the truth about who he was. Dudley George was a Terrorist.

The lack of enforcement of the law and the resulting death of Dudley George can be directly attributed to 2 tiered justice and the Political Correctness which drives it. At this point the OPP abandoned the residents in the area and left them to fend for themselves for weeks because they feared for their safety. The elderly and disabled were promised the OPP would come to evacuate them, but they were left at the mercy of rampaging Terrorists.

To this day 12 years later they have not removed the Terrorists from Ipperwash Provincial Park, they have not enforced the law by arresting Terrorists committing criminal acts in the area because of their race, and somehow we as a Country have accepted that there is no resolution in sight or even being discussed that we know of to the Ipperwash crisis. Were it not for the efforts of Mark Vandermass, and Gary McHale, most people would simply know Ipperwash as an incident of some sort in 1995 where a man named Dudley George was shot by the OPP. Why? Because exposing the truth about Ipperwash would force the Government and the OPP to end 2 tiered justice, and since that would offend a Minority, it would not be Politically Correct.

What I have touched on here does not even scratch the surface of the sheer horror of Ipperwash. There are 400+ pages of documented evidence that although difficult to read due to the horrifying facts they reveal, are necessary reading for anyone who wishes to understand the results of 2 tiered justice and Political Correctness run wild. It also happens to be evidence your government never wanted you to see.

Please visit www.ipperwashpapers.com and review the facts for yourself.

Section A1 of the Documents section: Mary-Lou Lapratte’s account of the events at Ipperwash are the most disturbing documents I have ever read.

February 2006: Native protestors shut down construction of a housing subdivision known as the Douglas Creek Estates in Caledonia.

March 2006:  Ontario Superior Court Justice David Marshall issues a court order for the removal of the Illegal protestors from DCE. As the Court ordered deadline of March 22nd passes, the Natives refuse to leave. On March 28th the Court order is changed to include criminal contempt charges for any illegal Native protestors who do not leave DCE. Again the Natives refuse to leave. The OPP stand by and watch.

April 20th 2006: History is made as the OPP do their job and move in at approximately 4:30am arresting 16 Natives as per the Court order. They do not however set up a defense against another invasion of DCE. By 9am Hundreds of Terrorists who happen to be Native invade DCE setting up tire fires and a dump truck to block the road into DCE. The OPP do nothing but watch. By nightfall, a busload of Terrorist supporters from other reserves arrives at DCE and the OPP do nothing to stop them.

April 25, 2006: Haldimand Mayor Marie Trainer tells CBC Newsworld that Caledonia residents “have to get to work to support their families. If they don’t go to work, they don’t get paid and if they don’t get paid then they can’t pay their mortgages and they lose their homes. They don’t have money coming in automatically every month,” she continues. “They’ve got to work to survive and the Natives have got to realize that.” Haldimand County Council quickly votes to replace her with deputy mayor Bob Patterson as its spokesperson on the issue because she spoke the TRUTH, but what she said upset the terrorists who happen to be Native so her statement was Politically Incorrect. We can’t have government officials making statements that hurt the feelings of Terrorists during a Terrorist attack now can we?

April 30, 2006: Former Ontario premier David Peterson is appointed to help resolve the standoff. “It’s not a question of counting blame or finding fault, it’s a question of finding a solution,” he says at a news conference. No Mr. Peterson, we certainly can’t count blame or find fault for a Terrorist attack if the blame and fault would fall on a Terrorist group who happen to be Native. That would be Politically Incorrect.

May 21, 2006:
Six Nations spokeswoman Janie Jamieson says plans to take down the Terrorist blockade across Highway 6 for the Victoria Day weekend are on hold because of a parallel blockade set up by non-native residents of Caledonia. Disgusted residents of Caledonia set up a human chain parallel to the destroyed Hydro tower the Terrorists were using to block them from getting easily into and out of the land they have stolen.

May 22, 2006: Terrorist protestors take down their blockade around 8 a.m. EDT, calling it a gesture of goodwill after the government of Ontario bans construction on the site they have illegally stolen. Around noon, non-native residents form a human barricade across Highway 6, preventing Six Nations members from passing through. Soon, Terrorists re-establish their blockade using an electrical transmission tower, and use two large backhoes to tear a trench across the road. The OPP stand and watch as Terrorists use backhoes to tear a trench across a major road. It would after all be Politically Incorrect to stop them. Terrorists and Caledonia residents trade punches and insults. A van driven by a Terrorist tries to force its way through the locals, prompting a fistfight. Terrorists shut down a transformer station in Caledonia by driving a pickup truck into the station and setting it on fire cutting power to thousands of residents in surrounding Norfolk and Haldimand counties. In the evening, the Emergency Response Team of the OPP arrives in riot gear to shore up the police barrier between the Terrorists and Caledonia residents.

 May 24, 2006: Power is restored to most parts of Caledonia at about 6 a.m. EDT. A Hydro One spokesman says fewer than 200 customers are still without power. In reality most of the town of Simcoe in neighboring Norfolk County is still without power until May 25th.

June 4, 2006: Two Ontario Provincial Police officers who were new to the Caledonia protest drive into an area that police agreed not to enter. Their cruiser is surrounded by Terrorists.

June 9, 2006: a couple in their 70s from Simcoe, Ont., pulled their car over near the protest site. Terrorists surrounded the couple who fled to the Canadian Tire parking lot down the street where the Terrorists pulled them from their car, assaulted them, and stole their car. The man was taken to hospital when he experienced chest pains. Two news-camera operators from Hamilton’s CH television captured this on tape. The terrorists spotted this, attacked the two camera operators, stole the film in the Cameras, and left. One camera operator is taken to hospital with cuts and bruises, requiring stitches to close a head wound. The OPP witness this but do nothing because it would be Politically Incorrect to stop Natives from attacking senior citizens and camera crews. Later that same day, Terrorists swarmed an unmarked U.S. Border Patrol vehicle, forcibly removed the officers inside and attempted to run over an OPP officer with it. Fellow officers do nothing at the time because of the race of the criminals. As a token response, three people are eventually arrested on charges of breaching the peace and police say they are seeking seven other people on charges of attempted murder, robbery, theft of a motor vehicle, intimidation and assault causing bodily harm.

They could of course have arrested those responsible for all of the above charges while the crimes were taking place but instead stood by and watched.

June 23, 2006: Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty says the province will pay $12.3 million to Henco Industries to buy out their investment in disputed land in Caledonia. The government will also compensate Henco Industries for the loss of future profits, an amount McGuinty said “remains the subject of ongoing negotiations.”

$5.5 Million at Oka, and as of the time of this writing we now know our government has spent an officially reported amount in excess of $80 Million to keep themselves from having to actually deal with the Terrorist occupation by removing them by force. It would be Politically Incorrect not to spend $80 + Million to placate a group of Terrorists who happen to be Native.

Aug. 8, 2006: A judge orders that all negotiations between the Six Nations reserve and the government be suspended until the land-claims activists stop occupying the construction site in Caledonia, Ont. Judge David Marshall also orders the province to charge the protesters with contempt of court for not complying with an earlier court injunction that ordered them to leave the land. Protesters and Caledonia residents face each other in a tense, but non-violent, standoff. There are harsh words and at one point, Terrorists spray some residents with water using a fire hose. The OPP do nothing to prevent this assault.

The Terrorists ignore the order, the OPP ignore the order to charge the terrorists, and negotiations continue to this day as does the criminal Terrorist occupation of Douglas Creek Estates. These are the basics of how Political Correctness has allowed Terrorism to reign supreme without consequence in Caledonia.

January 10, 2007: Terrorists erect barricades outside a construction-related business in the southeastern Ontario town of Deseronto claiming they own the land. Oh boy is this starting to sound Familiar? We all know where this is going by now, but the OPP do nothing to stop it.

April 20th, 2007: Terrorists block the railway tracks in Deseronto connecting Toronto with Montreal by dragging an old school bus onto the tracks. They sit on top of it proudly waving Mohawk flags and nobody does anything to stop them because it would be Politically Incorrect. A court order to remove the illegal blockade is ignored (surprise).

April 21, 2007: Terrorists remove their blockade of the rail lines and retreat to the Desoronto Quarry they have illegally taken over with the promise that this was only the beginning of an “escalating campaign against the economic interests of Canada”  Future targets mentioned by the leader of the group include highway 401, and the town of Deseronto itself.

June 3rd, 2006: The RCMP arrest 17 Canadians after uncovering a plot to commit Terrorist acts against Canada inspired by al-Qaida.

March 31st, 2007: An official announcement of intent for a Canada wide day of Terrorism (link) is published by the Mohawk News Network. A legitimate Native publication. NO Arrests are made by the OPP, RCMP, or anyone else.

Aside from this specific group of Terrorists in Deseronto Ontario, On June 29th, 2007, Native Terrorists will blockade as much of the railway system as possible in Canada. They also promise that throughout the month of July they will have random blockades of Rail lines each day throughout the Country to do as much damage as possible to our economy. 2 statements have been made that I personally believe are a warning of things to come. ” there is not a road, a railway or a power line that does not at some point run across contested land”  ” There are 2 ways to deal with the White Man. Either you pick up a gun, or you stand between him and his money”

May 17th 2007: OPP Officers stand and watch as a man armed with an AK-47 screams death threats at a woman holding a child on DCE. They make no effort to stop him; he leaves DCE, goes to a smoke shop just outside of Caledonia and shoots a man. The OPP are now responsible for someone being shot. Still they refuse to enforce the law.

May 24th 2007: Masked Native Terrorists occupy a construction site in Hagersville Ontario which was to become a retirement home. They now claim they own Highway 6 from Pt Dover in Norfolk County to Hamilton Ontario. The OPP don’t just stand and watch this time though. They helped the Natives build an illegal barricade at the entrance of the site.

May 30th, 2007: The Federal Government offers Six Nations $125 Million to settle 3 land claims including DCE in Caledonia which they had previously ruled to be without merit. This is a clear attempt at appeasement to settle down the Terrorists before June 29th arrives. Need proof? This offer came with the condition that the Natives vacate DCE in Caledonia and that they refrain from any further Terrorist occupations. When asked point blank what he was going to do about the day of Terror June 29th, Dalton McGuinty said he hopes the Natives will obey the law. Translated to English that means he will do absolutely nothing.

May 31, 2007: Six Nations publicly reject the offer of $125 Million claiming they don’t want our money (of which they receive Billions each year) they want our land. On this same day our Government releases their “official” Ipperwash Inquiry. A very long winded, tax payer funded kissing of the arse of Dudley George, and his fellow Terrorists. The rhetoric continues to spew from officials that the reason George was killed was due to “insensitivity toward Aboriginals” by the OPP. The fact that Dudley George was a Terrorist is completely ignored and buried by this very slanted, pre determined, Politically Correct report.

I ask you to consider the facts you have just read and ask yourself as I am now. Is Political Correctness responsible for the death of a police officer in Oka, the death of Dudley George at Ipperwash, the death of Democracy in Ipperwash, Caledonia, and very soon Deseronto, and the events which we know to be coming which we have been assured will make the summer of 2007 the summer of Hell for Canadians at the hands of Terrorists who happen to be of minority descent? If so is it worth it?

When the price of Gasoline skyrockets yet again this summer because Terrorists are blocking the rail lines which carry shipments of fuel, when the price of food goes up because the trains and potentially the trucks carrying the supply are blocked by Terrorists, when you are without Hydro because Terrorists took out lines that run across land they claim to own, will it still be OK for your government to do nothing to stop those responsible in order to preserve Political Correctness?

Canada is now standing at the ultimate crossroads. Do we want our children and grandchildren to live in a world where our government allows Terrorists to dictate where and when the law will be enforced?

Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia Wakeup Call
  1. Hi Jeff,

    I just finished responding to some comments on VoiceofCanada. One was from a new reader who was questioning my use of the words “native” and “criminals.” I explained, of course, that I used terms like “criminals,” “thugs,” and “terrorists” to try to differentiate between honourable native people who – as recent events in Caledonia have proven – are also victims of native sociopaths and lawlessness just as much as non-natives.

    The biggest mistake made by our government, the OPP and now, the Ipperwash Inquiry, is treating native thugs, gangsters, criminals and terrorists as though they speak for law abiding native people, people who genuinely respect their fellow human beings. In my opinion, this attitude is the ultimate expression of racism towards native people.

    If it were Muslims engaged in criminal behaviour that has terrorized 3 towns in Ontario, the RCMP would have already formed an ‘anti-terror’ task force, and put a stop to this nonsense.

    Politically correct, racially-based policing is destroying the faith of law-abiding people in the institutions that are supposed to protect them. It is teaching all of us a dangerous lesson that violence will be rewarded.

    Mark Vandermaas, Editor
    Lead Investigator – The Ipperwash Papers http://www.ipperwashpapers.ca

  2. WL Mackenzie Redux says:

    I think it bears repeating here that “political correctness” per se is an orthodoxy of soviet era Russia…the Stalinist regime actually.

    It comes from the fact that the soviet state installed a “political officer” in every institution, work place, public venue and media outlet. It was this officer’s job to ensure what was said, printed, discussed, propagated or acted upon, was linear with public policy set by the social engineers in the central soviet.

    If one’s speach, thoughts, writing, actions were given the thumbs up by the state political officer, this output was said to be “politically correct”.

    We needn’t remind people of the brutal repressive history the soviet regimes had with free speech, free thought and free public will…they filled the gulags with those who were not “politically correct”.

    So… we need to ask ourselves who exactly would resurect this ancient soviet tool of repressing dissenting opinion and shutting down open honest debate on partisan public policies.

    For lack of time to expand on a difinitive answer Let’s just refer to the proponents as the leftwing intelligentsia…those political, media and academic elites who do not want their public policy theories scrutinized by open discussion.

    In Canada when you find a issue where open honest debate is cloaked in a pall of politically correct repression you can be assured that the honest debate of that issue will reveal a truth with is counter bearing to the fallible orthoxy your political social engineers are attempting to entrench.

    “Political correctness” is an indicator that a policy or social orthodoxy is overseen by political elites with theme designs on public discourse as the old soviets.

    For instance it is now deemed politically correct to hold natives “guiltless” for violent insurectionist acts which would jail any non native….to question the logic, rationale or ethical basis for this orthoxy is to be “pollitically incorrect” as once deemed so you are open to be smeared as racist, evil, unenlightened and anu number of politically correct intolerant reactions. Lack of open debate on unjust policies create a dystopian state…this is where we are headed and our leaderless buraucrats and prostitutiong media are leading there with our own apathy.

  3. Shelley Brant says:

    Oh please. I think you better take a look back on your own history and then tell me who the terrorists are!!! Better yet perhaps your police would be a good definition after a 30 + ert and armed true team, complete with canine units converged on a parking lot full of 6 unarmed peaceful protestors and killed one for the sport of it!!

    Don’t talk to me about YOUR laws. They are yours NOT ours. Don’t talk to me about equal laws or an equal justics system either until: you have an act like the Indian Act that legislates control of your race, you have laws put in place to assimilate you into a culture that you don’t want, you have laws that take your children away so they can become assimilated by having their language and culture beaten and molested out of them, Then and only then will we be equal under the law my friend!!!!!!

  4. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    how lovely to hear from you again sweetheart.

    If you want to live in the past, that’s your perogative I suppose. Find me one quote where I have ever said that no injustices have been commited against Native people in Canada.

    I’m going to talk to you about the laws of Canada all I want to. If you don’t want them to apply to you, then you should find somewhere else to live. You have the right to self governance on reserves and that’s fine.. But once you come off of that property and onto turf that is Canada and has not been deemed to be yours, then you are subject to and should be prosecuted under the same laws as any other human being would be. On one point we do agree however. The indian act should be abolished as should any laws that give any special treatment to one group based on race.

    If you really want to bring children into this, then so be it. Again you’re stuck in the past, and no doubt that’s because you think it justifies the terrorist activities of people like Dudley George or Shawn Brant etc.. Let’s talk a little bit about today shall we?

    Having worked for the Childrens Aid Society, I can tell you that there are more foster children of Native descent than any other. With the full permission and under the watchful eyes of your band councils, Native children are taken into custody by the CAS due to astounding abuse by their parents. You can babble about assimilation all you want to, but one of the strictest rules for those who want to be a foster parent is the absolute acceptance of the culture, religious beliefs, and values of any child in your care. Children are monitored on a regular basis and social workers who specialize in getting children to talk about their lives are always watching for any sign of interference. Anyone who breaks that rule is subject to immediate termination as a foster parent. YES the sytem is imperfect. I’m sure you can find examples of “bad foster parents” both past and present. Absoloutely no system is perfect, but the general policy is nothing like you describe.

    There is absoloutely no amount of past oppression by another generation that can ever justify the actions some Natives have now decided to take against all Canadians. Do you honestly think that our children are not adversly and extremely effected by your terrorist occupations? Do you consider that to be justified?

    ” The faces of our dead children, and the cries and the voices of their mothers. Not until that permeates every fucking persons household, and they suffer like we suffered.. Not until that happens will we stop ” – Shawn Brant.

  5. John Edwards says:

    I think that most Canadians, especailly those who immigrated here, find it hard to support a nationality which has very little interest in working full time jobs and making efforts to make better lives for themselves. If we seen the native people making efforts to contribute to society, I’m sure we’d have more sympathy for them. If every Canadian knew exactly how much it is costing us per year to maintain the the aboriginal people “they’d be outraged”. Imagin getting money for life just because of your nationality? It’s rediculous.

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