Premier Dalton McGuinty formally apologized on behalf of all Ontarians yesterday for the shooting of native protester Dudley George.

“Nothing can change the events that took place 12 summers ago or fully erase the scar that has been left on the history of aboriginal relationships for all who live here,” McGuinty said in the legislature. “On behalf of the people of Ontario, we apologize for the events that led to the loss of life. We deeply regret the death of Dudley George.”

NDP Leader Howard Hampton said McGuinty’s “rhe-toric” ignored conflicts with First Nations communities that continue under his watch.

(Edit: McGuinty will apologize to the family of a Terrorist without hesitation, but still no apology to the residents of Caledonia whom he has made a point of allowing to suffer endlessly for over 15 months now)

Read the full story here

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