Freepress: Dalton McRaddler “I’m telling the truth this time”

Posted: June 6, 2007 in Corruption, Election 2007, Home Grown Terrorism in Canada, McGuinty

It’s almost an Ontario legend if indeed there is such a thing. During the 2003 provincial election campaign, Liberal leader Dalton McGuinty looked straight into the cameras and told Ontarians that they wouldn’t pay one penny more in taxes under his government than they were paying under the then-PC government. Then, after being elected with a majority in October 2003, the 2004 Budget contained not just a tax increase but the largest tax increase in the history of the province. Many Ontarians who voted Liberal, no doubt because McGuinty promised no tax increases, were forced to ship up to 90,000 more of their pennies off to Queen’s Park. The lie didn’t stop there. McGuinty at first denied that his new health tax was even a tax; it was a health care “premium”.

Then, last weekend while speaking to the converted at a Liberal party meeting, McGuinty promised that if re-elected he will not increase taxes during his second term. Like any person who finds fibbing a relatively easy thing to do, McGuinty rationalized his dishonesty. “I’m in charge, McGuinty said, “I’m not hiding a deficit.”  So it’s okay to lie as long as you’re not in charge.

McGuinty’s “I’m telling the truth this time” was reminiscent of David Radler’s recent testimony at the Conrad Black trial. Radler had received top billing as the essential prosecution witness against Black and the others, and there he was, telling the court that even though he lied to more U.S. officials than the extra pennies that some Ontarians had to pay Dalton, he was telling the truth then.

Read the full story here


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