Video Proof and complete coverage

Who is Shawn Brant?

 23 Minute MUST SEE Video Proof of Terrorist Threat to Canada

Courtesy of Dial Up version also available

  1. It really hurts me, as a First Nations woman, to see that the video was changed from the original. If u wish to see the real video go to “Tyendinega mohawk struggle for the land” on youtube! The woman he was first talking about said that social services told her “any woman who supports these road blocks or protests will be considered terrorists and will lose their children under the NEW childs protection act!!!!! His reply was “will u stand on the road for your children? That’s who we’re fighting for in the first place. non-natives in Canada can easily go back to their ancestrial country. This is it for us!! Whenever my family and I go shopping off the reserve we get dirty looks from caucasians. Most of the time I smile and keep walking- I don’t deserve that!!Please, if anyone could tell me of one Nation that massacered 50,000 of THEIR children I would really like to know. Then decide who the real terrorists are!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    The video speaks for itself. Shawn Brant is in jail. He should be in jail for Terrorism.
    It doesn’t matter why he is telling people to pick up guns or to target infrastructure, because terrorism is terrorism.

  3. Annie says:

    Rosanne, pick up any history book and you will find many places around the world where more than 50,000 children where massacred. Look at the history of wars, and the victims going back to the 1900s, hundreds of thousands of children have been massacred, indeed likely millions. Germany’s death camps, Rwanda, Iraq, Afghanistan etc… Shawn Brant does not care who he hurts.

    The problem I have is that you only see your suffering and say to hell with everyone else. And like Shawn Brant while you saying to hell with all of you, you are also saying we should care. That is too bad you feel that people are giving you dirty looks, maybe they are having a bad day. Most of the time I find people are busy living their lives, and are absolutely unaware of what you feel they are doing, I have a mohawk grandmother. Yet to those in Shawn Brant’s territory, I am not really mohawk. Reverse racism, funny how that works. The youtube videos you refer too are disturbing and I note that worst one #7 has been pulled,

    For me to care about you I have to see you, AND I DO. For you to care about everyone else you have to see them, AND YOU DO NOT. Only then can change come. I can trace my heritage back to Scotland and to Mohawk valley in the USA where all the tyendinaga mohawks came after fighting for the british. I was born in Canadian, and it saddens me to see any group of people taking cheap, uneducated shoots at my country. Especially, when they like many are immigrants to this great country. Nothing will change until you realize there are many who suffer in this world too.

  4. Aaron says:

    You guys can’t have it both ways. You claim the aboriginal law and international law rules Canadian aboriginals, when you are comfortable with that. But the international law also states that the borders of 1975 are final. There is no going back if you want international laws to apply!
    If you rely on international law, then there are no aboriginals and no ‘European immigrants’ – there are Canadians. Twist that however you want, there is nothing to squeeze from that.
    As a libertarian, I support peoples right to armed protest against any form of oppression. But let me ask you, what are you protesting against? I’ve heard that you are not happy with living standards on the reserves. Leave the reserves, than! Get a job or start a business, do something. If I could w/o speaking a word of English a few years ago, you can do that too. I have a good job and live in a nice home and can go hunting and fishing if I want – you have many more rights that I can’t dream of and you are still bitching.
    You claim that your native lifestyle is threatened by encroaching civilization, right? But last time I checked, you guys went hunting with semi-auto rifles and fishing by outboard boats sporting 200 HP engines. That’s only remotely native lifestyle, isn’t that? Hypocrisy of natives is what shocks us – you always want to have it both ways, like unlimited fishing on the East coast, but it turns out that your fishing is commercial like is the fishing of non-natives you call them.

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