Six Nations negotiating table draft response June 1, 2007

Posted: June 7, 2007 in Appeasement & Cowardice, Burtch, Caledonia, Conservative Cowards, Corruption, Dunville, Hagersville, Headlines, Home Grown Terrorism in Canada, Land claims, Natives, Propaganda, Terrorism

Turtle Island News
June 6, 2007

This rather complex document covers the following:

Block 5 Moulton Township, Flooding by The Welland Canal. Burtch Tract, Ratification, Grand River Navigation Company Investment, On Going Activities.

A sample of their demands on “On Going Activities”:

1. Payment for the Hamilton/Port Dover Plank Road
2. An accounting for the purported land sales of the Tier of Lots along the Hamilton/Port Dover Plank Road (all without prejudice to the Haudenosaunee/Six Nations position that no valid surrender exists)
3. The Nathan Gage Lands in the Townplot of Brantford
4. Outstanding Lands from Nichol Township to the Source of The Grand River.

(Edit: If I may sum up what I see in this long list. “Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme”)

Read the full story and all of their demands here

  1. Karone:rorakwe says:

    So….16 months of “gimmee, gimmee, gimmee, gimmee” (to quote your “editor.” ) Well I suppose it’s to be expected from a race of white terrorists who just “take, take, take, take, take,take” and have, for over 400 years. Suck it up white guys. We accepted long ago that yo were not going to simply go away. So, we did our best to accommodate you, live with you in friendship, listened to your overtutres for more and more treaties, again doing our best in peace and friendship to accommodate while the white lawyers/politicians (tricksters) used language that looked good when the white interpreters presented it to us, but was full of folly and lies when applied. So……as I said, suck it up because now, it is we who aren’t going anywhere.

  2. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    That’s some nice propaganda you’re spewing, but we’ve heard it all before. Over and over and over. Interesting how you speak as though you were there when all of this happened hundreds of years ago. You must be the world record holder for the oldest person on the planet. Congrats!

    Otherwise you’re just another supporter of extremist actions that you feel are justified because of ancient history. Nobody here is denying that Natives have suffered injustice in Canadian history. If there are reperations to be made between Natives and the Canadian government then that should be done.

    The problem is that the people you are supporting are using extremist tactics that like it or not match every definition of Terrorism there is and they’re targeting innocent civilians to reach their political agenda. You can try to spin that all you want to, but it doesn’t change the facts.

    I’m not Gary McHale no matter how much you might wish I was, but on behalf of Caledonia Wakeup Call, we’re not going anywhere either.

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