Happy Canada Day!

Admittedly this is a bit premature, but that’s because I want to celebrate the birth of our Country while it’s still in tact. Let us now remember all of the great Canada Day celebrations we have had.

Regardless of what your preference is, be it a family BBQ, a trip up North to cottage Country, a weekend at any of Canada’s many beautiful beaches, or simply relaxing at home and enjoying life in this great Country we all share, I suggest you do it early this year because Canada Day 2007 is likely to be unlike anything we have ever seen.

How are you planning to get to your destination to celebrate this year? By train? Don’t count on it. Roads? Perhaps if you’re lucky. When you arrive do you intend to use any electricity? It may not be there. But if the power goes out we can always count on firing up the gas stove and using the phone to keep in touch with our loved ones right? Should a gas or phone line run through land these omnipotent, government endorsed, overgrown, weaponized cry babies decide belongs to them, they too may be shut down.

An almost impossible combination of the most morally bankrupt Premier in (to the best of my knowledge) Canadian history Dalton McGuinty, his recently muzzled lapdog Julian Fantino who has made it his mission to turn the OPP into a laughing stock, and the sudden cowardice of a Federal Conservative Government elected on among other things the promise to be tough on crime, we are about to find ourselves at the mercy of Terrorists who have been given a license to attack us without any fear of interference from the “law”.

Injustice Sidney Linden released his official report last week that Indians have a right to do anything they want, and law and order must be abandoned in favor of “aboriginal sensitivity” If it is to be said that McGuinty has been slowly adding nails to the coffin of Democracy, then we must recognize that Sidney Linden pulled out a nail gun this week and started firing.

Slowly but surely over the past 3 ½ years, McGuinty has been working to set Democracy in Ontario back generations. Stealing piece by piece the freedoms that we have all taken for granted our entire lives. When a small town called Caledonia in Haldimand County was attacked by Native Terrorists in 2006, he made every effort to aid and abet them. As a direct result, they have now realized that they can attack anything anywhere in Ontario at will without fear of being brought to justice because of nothing more than their race. The efforts of Canada over the years to promote ourselves as multicultural and friendly to every race, color, or creed have finally been exposed for the fraud they are. The claims that we are all equals have been abandoned. If you are not a “Native” you have no rights.

Using this template, they have now made it clear that it is not Douglas Creek Estates, Caledonia, some land claim involving the Grand River, or for that matter Haldimand County that they want. That land accounts for only a few of more than 800 land claims they have filed and it has now been made clear to us all that they consider this entire Country to be their land, and they will take any part of it they want anytime they want.

We have been promised that on June 29th, 2007 they will start to shut down key elements of our economy as a first wave of attack. This will continue through the summer with threats to railways, roads, power lines, gas lines, telephone lines, and anything else they can find to make us suffer until they achieve their end goal which is to have Canada slice up 800 + pieces of our Country and serve it to them like cake. What percentage of Canada they intend to steal from us is information they refuse to reveal to the public because they can’t have Canadians realizing how much of our Country we are set to lose until it’s too late to stop it.

If we are unable to get rid of McGuinty in time (remember we can’t boot him until October) and if our “tough on crime” Conservative Government doesn’t pull their heads out of their asses, this could become a reality.

If what I have just outlined sounds entirely impossible, read the most recent headlines at www.caledoniawakeupcall.com or on this site and consider some of these recent statements from “Peaceful Aboriginal leaders”

 Land is what we need. Land is what we’re after and land is what we’re going to get,” Leroy Hill – Cayuga sub chief. “”Canada has taken the position they don’t have land. What are they living on and it’s our land,” Chief Allan McNaughton, “the Ipperwash inquiry report justifies extreme action such as rail blockades” and “There is certainly cause for First Nations to see that the only way to get the white man to do anything is simply to take direct action ” Chief Terrance Nelson, and this latest statement from well known Terrorist Shawn Brant who has played a roll in every major Native occupation and terrorist attack, but is best known for Deseronto. “there’s little governments can do at this point to prevent something that maybe people couldn’t even imagine. “Unless the government can get the chequebook out and run around really quick and try and put fires out, then yeah, it’s going to be not only a day or a week of discontent, it’s going to be a summer and it’s going to be a fall and it’s going to continue ”

His mention of the Government chequebook is interesting considering that Six Nations just turned down a $125 Million offer to settle just a few land claims, and has made it very clear that they want our land as well as our money.

If Canada signs over 800 large chunks of our land to these criminals, what then? Why if they are successful would they stop at 800?

Remember every great Canada Day celebration you have ever had, and make the most of this one, because by this time next year if our elected officials have their way, there could be substantially less of Canada to celebrate. The new mantra of every level of Government is ” Appeasement Appeasement Appeasement”. Quite reminicent of France during WWII.

Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia Wakeup Call
  1. WL Mackenzie Redux says:

    This Canada day I will be purchasing a new Canadian flag….which I intend to run up the flag pole upside down….this is the international sign of distress….it also sybolized a particualr nation in distress/crisis….the nation I live in has abandoned the principle of the equitable rule of law…the corner stone of this nation.

  2. Ty Ritchie says:

    I, too, plan to buy a Canadian flag and hang it in my window (which was egged by sympathizers of the “warriors”) I plan to purchase a Canadian flag for the uniform I wear, as well as get a flag embroidered on the sleeve of my bunker coat.

    As well as the terrorist threat, don’t take it seriously. They can’t shut down the gas or electricity because they haven’t got the authority (mind you they have no authority to shut down roads) and they won’t go through with blocking the 400 as they will get ran over by angered truckers. Shawn Brant will not follow through with his terrorist threat. He’ll get stoned and forget about it. Or get arrested for the threats he made in the video.

    Believe me, hold out hope, and just watch what happens, this will be a very happy Canada Day for this is Haldimand County and abroad 😉

  3. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Well said as always WL 🙂

    Mr. Ritchie, I admire your optimism, but as a former trucker I can tell you it’s highly unlikely that they’re going to mow down people on highways. Aside from the concequences that anyone who did that would face, truckers have the government breathing down their necks 24 hours a day and are monitored in a way that would make most motorists sick to their stomachs. We have to literally keep a record of every time we stop to use the bathroom for the government to examine at will.

    Shawn Brant will follow through with his threats. History has taught us that these terrorists are unlike anything anyone has ever seen. They have no fear of the police or government to the extent that they announce the majority of their attacks months ahead of time and ALWAYS follow through. They literally taunt our society to stop them and we do nothing.

  4. Ty Ritchie says:

    You do make a good point about the no fear of the police, but that comes from the police not doing anything. But, while the terrorists have no fear of the police, I have no fear of them.

    That, and the fact that I know nothing will happen in my area…Different brand down here…Most of our Natives work with a lot of people in town, some are related. Some are married or dating residents in the town…And they know that our town simply wouldn’t put up with their “scare” tactics.

    Man, I do come accross as optimistic, but that’s simply because I’m not scared at all. And like myself, and yourself, Canada should not be afraid.

  5. Ron Allen says:

    You Racist Idots Are Whats Wrong With This Country! First Of All become informed before you rant your racist crap.Buts Its not even worth talking to you as you have no idea what the hell your talking about .

  6. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Thanks for stopping by Ron. Anyone who doesn’t agree with Terrorism is a racist. It’s an old and tired argument that carries no weight with anyone anymore.

    Dedicating my life to staying more educated than you could ever hope to be about what’s happening makes me uninformed and again of couse Racist.

  7. Ty Ritchie says:

    Not hard to be more educated than that guy, buddy. I got a plant hanging above my head that’s more educated.

    Ron, why is it that when someone disagrees with a Native they’re racist? I mean, it’s gotten to the point of

    Native: “I like the Maple Leafs”

    Non-Native: “The Leafs suck”

    Native: “Racist”

    And every Goddamn time I say something about a Native, the first thing that comes out “Is that because I’m brown?”

    For Christ’s sake, where does this bullshit end?

  8. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    It doesn’t.

    I chalk it up to a combination of a culture that has been brought up to think that the “white man” is evil which makes the Natives saying this the racist ones, and in some cases they know that they can play this race card and some will fall for it. Oh those poor Natives.. their ancestors were oppressed by a different generation of Canadians so now we should bear the guilt for it.

    As for your comment on why it won’t happen where you live, I certainly hope you’re right. It sounds like you’re in the ideal postition in a place where Natives and non Natives are on the same social level. Working with and being generally an equal part of the community means they know the people there instead of basing what they think about you on a myth they were raised on.

    This is an excellent example of how the fight here is not with Native people. It’s with a small extremist group of people who happen to be Native. By bringing race into this, they have successfully made themselves look like they represent the average Native which they do not, and like they are something more than a small group of insane terrorists driven by an ideology of hatred and supremacy.

  9. Gord MacDonald says:

    Rule of law must prevail – for everyone living in Canada. This country will unravel without it. Our leaders have to step up to the plate and enforce zero tolerance to protests which engage in acts of violence or intimidation. No group in this country has the right to undertake acts of violence as a means towards and end. The commision of acts of violence and intimidation are nothing less than acts of terrorism and insurgency and must be treated as such.

  10. Ty Ritchie says:

    Damn it, I’ve got to see my girl tomorrow, and they’ll be protesting…I won’t be able to get through to see her…

  11. Ty Ritchie says:

    Okay, Jeff, you were right…They did follow through with it…I’ll be damned…Albeit I’m pissed off more than I’ve ever been…But damn…They DID follow through with it…SO much for optimism….You know what…I’m just gonna come right out and say it, and if the FCC or AFN doesn’t like it, well that’s too damned bad. I gotta put up with their shit, they gotta put up with mine now…So I’m gonna say something myself and a couple buddies of mine think. EDIT: My apologies Mr Ritchie, but I had NO choice but to cut that sentence. It’s ammunition for people like Brant to use against us and to spread their hatred.Not sure if it applies, but Damn does it ever feel good to say it…I think we all need a meeting in every town in affected areas just so people can vent.

  12. Ty Ritchie says:

    And if anyone of you think what I just said is racist…Well that’s too Goddamned bad, because the Natives are being 100 times more racist with their “The white men are racist terrorists” and “colonial evildoers!” bullshit.

    Canada…Don’t be afraid…SPEAK YOUR MINDS!!!!

  13. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    In this case I’m truly sorry that I was right. We all hold out hope (rightfully so) that things like this simply can not and will not happen in our Country, but thanks to the racist OPP policy of failing to enforce the law when dealing with Natives, it has happened.
    Now more than ever we have to stay strong and focused on the objective of exposing this corruption to the entire Country and hopefully beyond so that it can be crushed.

    Speaking your mind is good! Giving them quotes they can unquestionably use as propaganda against the “white man” is something we can not do. It only serves to create more Shawn Brants in this world and I’m sure you would agree that’s the last thing we need.

  14. Ty Ritchie says:

    I do agree…But I’m really tired of this…I’m tired of everything…I just want it to end…I needed to vent somehow…

    No need to apologize, you’re doing a good thing. It’s the OPP and the government who should apologize. Apologize for letting this crap go on.


    As for anyone who wants to call me a racist…Go ahead…You’ve already taken enough from me…And the entire Province, and this Country.

  15. Ty Ritchie says:

    Yeah, laugh it up, Ron. The most optimistic, level-headed guy on this board finally stapped because of your people’s actions…I hope you derive great pleasure from it.

  16. Willy says:

    +FUCK OFF! IM WHITE AND PRO NATIVE, I didnt read much of this shit head article, I stopped reading, decided it …hate literature.

    as for acts of violence, how bout aiding in overseas wars, etc…

    buncha crap, meanwhile we spend our money on useless garbage, while our children get the shitty end of the stick, our children, native white, black blue, I dont give a fuck…

    fuck our government and thier fuck head 100$ bullshit bonus this year, can suck my dick!

    I hope the NATIVEs here take back this fucking country…, and hang the suit and tie muther fuckers who play a deadly game of chess with the less fortunate.


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