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I had the privilege of being asked by Gary McHale to speak at the June 10th town hall meeting in Caledonia about my recent experience with the OPP, and how I came to be involved in this fight for our freedom, but due to time constraints I omitted a great deal of what I had to say. With this forum, I can go into much more detail so perhaps it was a blessing that we ran short on time.

How I came to be part of the Caledonia Wakeup Call family is something most can probably relate to. I heard that some guy from Richmond Hill was going to hold a March in Caledonia on October 15th 2006, and I was intrigued. I found his website and I read that he intended to march onto DCE and I knew I had to be there.

I attended the March for Freedom because I was angry. I had been reading and hearing stories all spring and summer about impossible things happening in this quiet Ontario town, and I lost hydro for 2 days because of an attack on a Hydro station by these criminals who had invaded DCE. It seemed like every day there was a new story about something obscene happening in Caledonia and yet there was never any report about the OPP stopping them. The media predicted nobody would show up, and the politicians clearly wanted nobody to show up, so I had to be there!

I emailed Gary the night before the March to ask him about Marching onto DCE. Are we really going to do this? His response was “If you come in peace, you are welcome. If you’re coming to fight stay home ”

I stood as just another face in a crowd of 1500+ and listened as Toby Barrett spoke. I listened as Mary Lou Lapratte from Ipperwash and Ann Marie Vansickle of Caledonia spoke about the horror their lives had become at the hands of the Native Terrorists and the OPP who refuse to touch them, and I was infuriated. At that moment I knew I had to do something about this. I was very ready for the march onto DCE.


OTTAWA, June 13 /CNW Telbec/

Students have put their full support behind the June 29, 2007 Day of Action to urge the federal government to take action to improve the lives of Aboriginal and First Nations people across the country.

We will be encouraging our members to participate in the day of action”, said Amanda Aziz, National Chairperson of the Canadian Federation of Students. Students and community members will take to the streets across Canada on Friday, June 29 to stand together with First Nations to build pressure on the federal government to act.

EDIT: I wonder how residents of Caledonia feel about these students supporting a day of Terrorism against them, and pretending it’s a noble thing to do

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By Donna Pitcher: Haldimands Unheard Voice

Well I was all settled in to write an article regarding Dalton McGuinty’s blatant disregard for the residents of Caledonia/Haldimand County, but something else has come to my attention that has just plain peeved me off!

Yesterday there was the “big” announcement regarding speeding up the process of Land Claims in Canada, which I wanted to believe has given “ALL” a glimmer of hope! Then comes an article that was published in The Expositor out of Brantford that took that glimmer of hope and literally flushed it down the toilet! The article is called “It doesn’t give me hope”.

First thing that I would like to state is that I would hope to God as I am writing this article that the OPP have already arrested Janie Jamieson for her admitting that it was them, the protesters that knocked out the Hydro last May!

I am now fearful of what will take place on June 29th, if Janie Jamieson has no fear of admitting to the public that they knocked out the Hydro, how far are they willing to go to prove their point!

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GRAND RIVER TERRITORY SIX NATIONS-Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s announcement Tuesday of changes to Canada’s land claim process does not affect Six Nations, or its land rights negotiations, says Mohawk Chief Allen MacNaughton, lead negotiator for the Six Nations Haudenoniso Confederacy Council.

Mohawk Chief MacNaughton said Harper’s announcement “is not a step forward at all.“ In fact, Chief MacNaughton said the Conservative government has taken a step back by forcing a limit on claims and a cap.

He said the federal crown has told Six Nations and the Canadian public, they cannot settle Six Nations land rights with land because Canada doesn’t have any land, “ We agree with Minister (of Indian Affairs Jim) Prentice . So if Canada doesn’t have any land they need to make arrangements, because they are squatting right now.”

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By: Christine McHale

June 13, 2007

For sixteen months and counting, we’ve read about, seen with our very own eyes and heard with our very own ears from numerous sources that when it comes to policing an area that is under aboriginal occupation there is a system of Two Tier justice that is now well entrenched.

In Caledonia there have been many eye witnesses to this. The most recent example of Two Tier policing involved an aboriginal male waiving, in full view, a loaded AK47, a prohibited weapon in Canada, (we won’t even get into how this prohibited weapon got into Canada), on the DCE, yet not one single OPP officer tried to stop him from leaving the immediate area. 

Now, in case you need more proof that areas NOT experiencing aboriginal occupation get proper policing, take the new story of a massive raid in Toronto, in the Jane and Finch area, and other parts of the GTA.

At 5 a.m. people living in the area were awakened by loud banging noises which turned out to be police using battering rams to break down doors and get at suspected criminals…

Take an area with an aboriginal occupation and police walk around on eggshells. Take an area rife with crime but no aboriginal occupation and police act like police are supposed to act when dealing with crime.

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Canadian Press – posted on Brantford Expositor
Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ottawa’s proposal to revamp how land claims are handled isn’t going to change anything in Caledonia where an aboriginal occupation has lasted more than 15 months, Six Nations protesters said Tuesday.

Janie Jamieson, who speaks for those who have occupied a former housing development in Caledonia since February 2006, said Harper should settle their land claim once and for all if he is serious about addressing aboriginal issues.

“Right here and now, it doesn’t change one thing. It doesn’t settle anything. It doesn’t give me hope,” she said. The occupation will continue until the claim is recognized and settled, she added. It certainly won’t deter anyone from setting up road and railway blockades planned for June 29 – the “day of action” declared by aboriginal leaders frustrated with the slow pace of land claims, Jamieson said.

Over the course of the 15-month occupation, Six Nations protesters temporarily shut down a railway, blockaded the town’s main thoroughfare and knocked out the community’s hydro, she added.

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It’s All About Money – YOUR Money

$2.5 Billion over 10 years

Mississauga New Credit Chief states that is not Enough to cover just one of their Claims – What about the other 800 claims?

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Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced plans for a decisive new approach that will fundamentally change the way specific claims are handled in Canada.

The Specific Claims Action Plan addresses the huge backlog of unresolved treaty claims that has been the source of division and conflict in communities across the country. “Instead of letting disputes over land and compensation drag on forever, fuelling frustration and uncertainty, they will be solved once and for all by impartial judges on a new Specific Claims Tribunal,” Prime Minister Harper said.

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