“Red-X” Tells the Feds: “Quit Blowing Smoke Up Our Butts”

Posted: June 14, 2007 in Caledonia, CN Rail, DCE, Deseronto, Dunville, Hagersville, Home Grown Terrorism in Canada, June 29th 2007, Land claims, Native Racist Hatred, Natives, Phil Fontaine, Shawn Brant, Terrorism

By the Mohawk Nation News: A Native Publication.

Ottawa is asking Phil Fontaine, the Walkie-Talkie Wizard of the AFN [Assembly of First Nations] to order us to stop expressing ourselves on June 29th and to go back into our hole.  The Red-X asked, “Is [Prime Minister] Steve Harper responsible for wiping every Canadian’s butt?  Is George Bush at fault for every American’s stupidity?”  Phil’s not our leader.  He’s theirs.  We don’t pay him. They do. This double talk is so annoying. The Red-X arrived on his silver eagle from the west where the sun never sleeps, to look over our vast great expanse of Indigenous territory, now scarred and polluted by centuries of cruel occupation.

Red-X said, “What’s this ota [crap] about appointing “neutral” mediators on land claims?  If they’re appointed by the feds, they ain’t neutral”.  The feds don’t want to negotiate fairly, that’s the bottom line.  When it comes right down to it, the Red-X said, “If it looks like ota, and it stinks like ota, then it sure as hell is ota!”

It’s the colonists who lie, steal and promote violence.  Violence is threatening and setting conditions to resolve their claims to our land. Look at Mohawk Shawn Brant of Tyendinaga!  After a 30-hour rail blockade, the whole world knows about our plight.  It affected the white mans dollars.  The public supported us even though they were inconvenienced.

Read the full story here

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