Teams watching police; Complaints will be filed

Posted: June 14, 2007 in Caledonia, Corruption, Election 2007, FantinoGate, Gary McHale, Headlines, Home Grown Terrorism in Canada, June 29th 2007, McGuinty, Natives, Terrorism, Top Posts

Every time an Ontario Provincial Police officer does not uphold the laws of Canada, police watch teams will record the incident and lay complaints.

Gary McHale told a crowd at a Caledonia community meeting that over 50 complaints will be filed by teams by the end of the summer. (EDIT: He said 50 complaints against Fantino alone. That’s in addition to any other officers we find failing to do their jobs) 

The government has been told they will be inundated with videos and complaints, he said.Each police watch team will include a videographer, investigator and computer person. Together they will create a record, collect officer badge numbers and prepare two complaints, he said.

McHale gave his first presentation on police watch teams the day before some Six Nations community members moved into a Hagersville construction site. A team attended and recorded breaches of enforcement.

Both OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino and the officer at the scene were named. By so doing, the complainant must receive some kind of response within 30 days. The Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services has no deadline to investigate allegations about Fantino, said McHale. (EDIT: I was part of that team and complaints have been filed against 3 officers who were at the scene not 1)

At the meeting, he played YouTube video footage of Shawn Brant speaking of First Nations interfering with rail lines, highways, and gas and hydro lines on June 29. In his speech at a Toronto Ontario Coalition Against Poverty meeting, he said he didn’t care if First Nations created non-native victims.When Caledonia happened, First Nations communities knew it was time, Brant said on the video. McHale pointed out that if a Muslim made such a speech, he would be arrested before he finished talking. Brant made a direct terrorist threat.

McHale has his own plans to put pressure on the government and to get out the true picture of Caledonia’s experience. This year he will publish a National Geographic calibre magazine, Canada at the Crossroads, to get the stories out that mainstream media will not write. People across Canada will have the opportunity to read this professionally bound 100 page magazine which will include exclusive material, he said.

Read the full story here

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