OTTAWA — Flanked by some of the top police officers in the country, Phil Fontaine issued a clear warning yesterday to aboriginal protesters plotting a wide range of mischief in the coming days.

The national chief of the Assembly of First Nations said anyone who breaks the law in protesting against native poverty should expect to run afoul of police. But he also urged police not to clamp down on those protesting peacefully as part of a long-scheduled day of action June 29.

“Freedom of expression and freedom of association are constitutional rights, and people have a right to demonstrate, to protest,” Mr. Fontaine said. “And if they so wish to engage in civil disobedience, they can, as long as they’re prepared to accept the consequences.” (EDIT: Easy to say when they all know there are NO concequences)

Commissioner Fantino said “Our issue is to diffuse, to create a peaceful environment and, yes, enforce the law and all of that, but it isn’t at all cost.” (Edit: No Julian. The cost isn’t to you or your officers, it’s to us the residents of Ontario who you fail to protect)

Read the full story here

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